The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition

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The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition

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The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition
A Guide to Preventing Malpractice Claims by Providing Excellent Customer Service

James W. Saxton, Esq.

Reduce malpractice claims with proven patient satisfaction tools and techniques!

Why physicians need a resource like this RIGHT NOW.

These days, physicians cannot be careful enough. Medical malpractice insurance premiums are through the roof. Pay for performance and other measures that tie reimbursement to quality have turned an even brighter spotlight on the need to ensure patient satisfaction.

You must do everything you can to reduce your liability risk and prevent potential lawsuits. This means making sure that patients leave your facility feeling good about their experience.

The advice is simple: Treat patients with care and stay out of the courtroom.

The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition: A Guide to Preventing Malpractice Claims by Providing Excellent Customer Service is a resource that every modern physician needs. Written by an experienced healthcare attorney, this fully updated book illustrates how focusing on patient satisfaction can better your organization, reduce the potential of professional liability claim, and significantly affect the outcome of that claim if initiated.

Learn how to increase patient satisfaction and reduce claims by:

  • Incorporating five-star customer service principles into caregiving
  • Encouraging patients to take responsibility for their care
  • Taking a few extra seconds to create legible, concise documentation

Not familiar with the litigation process?

If you haven’t been inside the courtroom, and want to avoid it, The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition describes a typical deposition and malpractice trial and illustrates how strong customer service on the front end can strengthen your defenses in the courtroom on the back end.

Fully updated to reflect today’s physician needs!

Take a look at what’s NEW in the second edition:

  • A new section that addresses pay for performance and other measures that tie reimbursement to quality initiatives
  • An expanded section on the litigation process and how patient satisfaction—or the lack thereof— can affect it
  • Additional patient satisfaction and customer service tools
  • Updated research about the connection between customer satisfaction and liability claims
  • All new case studies that reflect the newest liability and malpractice laws

You need this valuable legal tool.

The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition: A Guide to Preventing Malpractice Claims by Providing Excellent Customer Service is a beneficial resource for the following healthcare professionals:

  • Physicians and physician practice administrators/managers
  • Corporate compliance officers
  • Risk managers and performance improvement professionals
  • C-suite level executives
  • In-house counsel
  • VPMAs
  • Medical directors

Words of praise from satisfied physicians for The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition

“Mr. Saxton's experience and understanding of the points of view of the physician, patient, insurance provider, attorney and jury all serve to assist the medical care provider in avoiding malpractice claims from the moment a patient requests an appointment until after an event has occurred. The Satisfied Patient is a must for any doctor seeking to improve patient satisfaction, practice efficiency and avoid claims.”

Peter Cotton, MD., Medical director of the Digestive Disease Center,
professor of medicine, and assistant dean for international activities
at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston

“The tools and concepts presented in The Satisfied Patient seem so logical. Yet during the course of a busy day, it is easy to overlook the obvious. The Satisfied Patient speaks to the importance of developing everyday strategies to improve patient involvement, staff unity, and organized documentation, which turns everyday routine into preventing the obvious from ever getting overlooked again, ultimately reducing the risk of liability claims.”

—David Acker, MD., Chief of Obstetrics,
Brigham and Women’s Hospital,
Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Boston

A glimpse of what you’ll get

Take a look at the table of contents for The Satisfied Patient, Second Edition:

  • Chapter One: The Looming Cloud
  • Chapter Two: The ‘True Cost’ of a Malpractice Claim
  • Chapter Three: Malpractice is Not the Only Cause of a Malpractice Claim
  • Chapter Four: Creating the Right Environment
  • Chapter Five: Becoming a Five-Star Service Provider
  • Chapter Six: Making Patients Partners
  • Chapter Seven: Documentation: Creating Appropriate Evidence
  • Chapter Eight: Recognizing When You Are At Risk
  • Chapter Nine: When an Adverse Event Occurs, How Do You Tell the Patient?
  • Chapter Ten: Managing Adverse Events
  • Chapter Eleven: The Trial Process
  • Chapter Twelve: The Trial: The Ultimate Anxiety

About the author

James W. Saxton, Esq., is a shareholder with the law firm of Stevens & Lee, where he is chair of the firm’s healthcare litigation group and cochair of its healthcare department. He uses his extensive experience as a litigator to advise hospitals, medical groups, and retirement communities throughout the United States in connection with understanding and reducing their professional liability risk. He also develops risk-reduction strategies for healthcare providers and organizations and has created innovative strategies and educational programs to support them.

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Published: June 2007