The Hospitalist Program Management Guide, Second Edition

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The Hospitalist Program Management Guide, Second Edition

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The Hospitalist Program Management Guide, Second Edition

Challenged to build and manage a hospitalist program?

Overcome the challenge with the latest hospitalist program management techniques from 19 experts in the field:

Jeffrey R. Dichter, MD, FACP; Kenneth G. Simone, DO; Mark Ault, MD ; Yanick Beaulieu, MD, FRCPC; Martin B. Buser, MPH, FACHE; Mary Dallas, MD; Robbin Dick, MD, FACP; Leslie A. Flores, MHA ; Patricia M. Gorman, RN, MSM, CPHQ; Aaron Gottesman, MD, FACP ; Amir Jaffer, MD; Donald Krause, MD; Ajay Kumar, MD; John Nelson, MD, FACP; Philip Ng, MD; Charlene Porter, BS, MA, CPC; Bradley T. Rosen, MD, MBA; Geoff Teed; Wayne O. Winney

These experts are in-the-trenches hospitalists, hospitalist program directors, chief executive officers, coding experts, chiefs of medicine, and critical care specialists. They’ll help you:

  • Use a step-by-step approach to evaluate the need for a hospitalist program
  • Ensure proper communication between hospitalists, primary care physicians, and other staff
  • Optimize hospitalist performance
  • Define goals and specific performance benchmarks
  • Grow the hospitalist program and streamline staff
  • Recruit and retain effective hospitalists
  • Create mentoring programs, call schedules, and more
  • Achieve balanced workloads and successful coding practices

Over the years, hospitalists’ roles and responsibilities have extended far beyond what many programs originally intended. As a result, hospitals today must invest even more resources and time to create, monitor, and assess the value of a hospitalist program. For both new and existing programs, organization leaders need to ensure that the investment is worthwhile, cost-effective, of high quality, and benefits all parties—the hospital, the hospitalist, and the patient.

The Hospitalist Program Management Guide, Second Edition, will show you how to:

  • Establish a new or fledgling hospitalist program
  • Avoid the common mistakes made when launching a program
  • Monitor and improve a program once it is established

This resource is completely updated with information from industry experts to help you meet evolving hospitalist program management challenges. New chapters include:

Hospitalist program data: Tools to develop a program scorecard, guidelines for reviewing scorecard data, and strategies for using data to improve care and program processes.

Benchmarks and evaluation: Strategies for using performance data in financial support negotiations with sponsoring organizations, physician incentive compensation plans, managed care contract negotiations, and program marketing. Tips for selecting metrics and analytical approaches to monitor performance and creating the hospitalist dashboard.

Informatics specialist: Approaches for extracting performance metrics from typical information systems and navigating clinical and financial information systems.

Return on investment: Tips for establishing, demonstrating, monitoring, and reporting the value of your hospitalists program to organization leadership and financial sponsors.

Hospitalist culture and leadership development: Learn how to create a hospitalist culture that encourages participation, ownership, and leadership. Tips for encouraging open exchange of ideas, ensuring a reasonable workload, supporting hospitalists’ individual interests and ambitions, and developing the next generation of leaders.

The Hospitalist Program Management Guide, Second Edition, will serve as a resource and guide on the path to excellence. Order today!

Published: April 2008