The Healthcare Executive's Guide to ACO Strategy, Second Edition

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The Healthcare Executive's Guide to ACO Strategy, Second Edition

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The Healthcare Executive's Guide to ACO Strategy, Second Edition

Coker Group

Max Reiboldt, CPA

Ellis "Mac" Knight, MD

The Healthcare Executive’s Guide to ACO Strategy, Second Edition, provides healthcare leaders with new strategies and tools to implement and manage accountable care organizations (ACO). Based on the experiences of organizations that have started down the path of ACO development, the authors discuss what has and hasn’t worked and share new strategies for organizations grappling with managing an ACO.

Wherever an organization is on the timeline for structuring its alliances and addressing evolving reimbursement issues in the accountable care era, this book delivers valuable information to help healthcare executives meet their pending challenges.

This resources offers:

  • Discussion of all updated regulations pertaining to ACOs
  • Academic and real-world examples of the evolution of the Pioneer program
  • Explanation of a new approach to bedside care that moves from the volume/productivity model to a value-based model
  • A physician’s viewpoint on ACOs from author Ellis "Mac" Knight, MD
  • A focus on taking ACOs from theory to practice in implementing a value-based model: Coker’s "Care Process Design System"
  • Analysis of what has and hasn’t worked, based on real experience
  • A chapter dedicated to the experiences of the Pioneer program


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Accountable Care Organizations and Clinically Integrated Networks: An Overview

Chapter 2: How We Got Here

Chapter 3: What We Anticipate About Accountable Care Concept

Chapter 4: Moving From a Structural Construct to a Functional Construct

Chapter 5: Physician-Hospital Integration

Chapter 6: Compensation and Anticipated Changes

Chapter 7: Are You Ready for an ACO and CIN Environment?

Chapter 8: Legal Considerations of ACOs and CINs

Chapter 9: The Pioneer Program and Its Outcomes

Chapter 10: The CMS Shared Savings Program

Chapter 11: Benchmarks for CMS Shared Savings Program

Chapter 12: Quality Measures

Chapter 13: The Role of Information Technology

Chapter 14: Patient-Centered Medical Homes

Chapter 15: Where Do We Go From Here?

Appendix A: Pilot Programs in Place

Appendix B: SSP Participants by Region/State

Appendix C: Glossary of Acronyms


Who should read this book?

  • Healthcare executives
  • C-suite and other high level financial, administrative, and clinical leaders within a hospital setting and in large private practices
  • Healthcare attorneys
  • Medical Staff
  • Quality/Patient Safety professionals


About the Authors

Coker Group is a leading management consulting firm specializing in strategic solutions for businesses within the healthcare industry. Its expertise in strategy, finance, and technology problem solving is unparalleled. For more than 20 years, Coker has brought its clients the best in service, support, and results.

Max Reiboldt, CPA, is president and CEO of Coker Group. His expertise encompasses employee and physician employment and compensation, physician-hospital affiliation initiatives, business and strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, practice operational assessments, ancillary services development, PHO/IPA/MSO development, practice appraisals, and negotiations for acquisitions and sales.

Ellis "Mac" Knight, MD, is senior vice president and chief medical officer of Coker Group, overseeing hospital operations and strategic services. He has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare. Prior to joining Coker, Dr. Knight served in a variety of roles at Palmetto Health in Columbia, South Carolina, growing and managing its 200+ provider-employed network, and developing and overseeing the Palmetto Health Quality Collaborative, a unique and successful clinical integration program.

Published: February 2015