The Complete Guide to Transforming the Patient Experience

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The Complete Guide to Transforming the Patient Experience

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The Complete Guide to Transforming the Patient Experience

Gary Adamson; Sonia Rhodes


Create exceptional healthcare experiences that improve market share.

The patient experience impacts all areas of healthcare, including patient satisfaction, quality (as measured by HCAHPS), reputation, employee satisfaction, physician referrals, and, ultimately, the bottom line. This definitive resource for healthcare organizations, authored by two award-winning experience thinkers, delivers the proven solutions you need to create an exceptional and successful patient experience.

The patient experience is your competition’s #1 priority. Make it yours, too.

Nearly 90% of senior healthcare executives say that improving patient experience is one of their top five priorities. That makes it your priority, too. Using examples from organizations that create successful healthcare experiences, The Complete Guide to Transforming the Patient Experience will give you the tools you need to:

  • Assess your organization's patient experience
  • Implement patient experience techniques in your own organization
  • Market your new patient experience to improve market share
  • Unite brand promise with brand experience

The Complete Guide to Transforming the Patient Experience comes with a multi-media, interactive CD that includes a compilation of best practices, examples of experience initiatives, and ideas to inspire your own experience efforts.

Take a look at the table of contents

Chapter 1: Story in the Stone: The State of the Experience in Healthcare
Chapter 2: Immerse Yourself: The Best Way to Learn About Experiences
Chapter 3: An Experience Marriage: Marketing and Operations Together At Last
Chapter 4: Experience Drivers: From the Inside Out and the Outside In
Chapter 5: Stories Matter: How Leaders Can Convey Meaning and Drive Decisions
Chapter 6: A Question of Greatness: Set a New Standard of Organizational Performance
Chapter 7: Living Legends: Bring Mission, Vision, and Values to Life
Chapter 8: Miniature Treasures, Epic Results: Create Memorable Symbols and Ceremonies
Chapter 9: Setting the Stage: Turn Functional Facilities into Healing Spaces
Chapter 10: The Fab Four: Develop, Gather, and Tell Your Stories—and Make them Legendary
Chapter 11: Getting Real: Close the Gap Between Brand Promise and Brand Experience

Who will benefit from this book?

Improving the patient experience is everyone's job, and it starts with top-level executives, including CEOs, CFOs, COOs, chief medical and nursing officers, and chief marketing officers. This guide will also benefit marketing, advertising, and PR directors, and anyone involved with the patient experience.

Meet the Authors

Sonia Rhodes is the Vice President of Customer Strategy, and The Sharp Experience at Sharp HealthCare in San Diego, a not-for-profit healthcare system and recent Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipient. The Sharp Experience is an organizational performance-improvement initiative designed to transform the healthcare experience for staff, physicians, and customers.

Gary Adamson is Chief Experience Officer of Starizon, a consulting firm dedicated to helping healthcare organizations intentionally design the experiences that will significantly transform them and strengthen their brand success. He has worked with a wide-variety of healthcare organizations to develop unified innovations in strategy, operations, and communications.

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Published: October 2009