Stressed Out About Your Nursing Career

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Stressed Out About Your Nursing Career

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Stressed Out About Your Nursing Career

Jill Duncan, RN, MS, MPH; Kathleen L. Garrison, MSN, RN    

You’ve just set sail on your nursing voyage. Don’t get lost—or stressed—as you search for the perfect career destination.

Get insider information to help you succeed on your journey with Stressed Out About Your Nursing Career. This book will help you choose the nursing career path that’s right for you and show you how to handle the unexpected bumps and detours along the way. From finding that first job and fitting in to becoming a preceptor, a charge nurse, a manager, or a professor, Stressed Out About Your Nursing Career will serve as your trusty guidebook. You’ll learn how to:

  • Find the facility that’s right for you
  • Shine in the specialty of your choice
  • Take on new roles within your organization
  • Maximize your potential through higher education
  • Avoid burnout and keep your passion for nursing alive

Take a look at the table of contents

Section 1
Chapter 1: Finding your nursing philosophy
Chapter 2: Setting sail on your voyage
Chapter 3: Getting yourself out there
Chapter 4: Making a titanic first impression
Chapter 5: Getting along with shipmates from different generations
Chapter 6: What if I’m not sure about my itinerary?
Section 2
Chapter 7: Choosing between the OB, the ER, and Peds
Chapter 8: Finding your spot on the nursing beach 
Chapter 9: Earning a certification in a specialty
Chapter 10: Don’t forget to pack!
Chapter 11: Ask the right questions and travel confidently
Chapter 12: Pick the destination that has everything you need
Chapter 13: Is travel nursing for me?
Chapter 14: Let’s make a quick stop and explore unions
Chapter 15: Discovering ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® designation
Chapter 16: Desirable destinations: Teaching hospitals
Section 3
Chapter 17: Don’t lose your footing on the clinical ladder!
Chapter 18: Preceptors and mentors: The lighthouses of nursing
Chapter 19: Steer the ship as a charge nurse
Chapter 20: Cast your eyes far out onto the horizon
Chapter 21: Becoming a manager, the captain of the ship
Chapter 22: Change your course: Become a professor!
Chapter 23: Keeping afloat in the sea of nursing
Section 4
Chapter 24: Take an excursion to education
Chapter 25: Okay, I’m ready! So, how do I go back to school?
Chapter 26: Taking a different path on your voyage
Chapter 27: Avoid life’s icebergs and storms
Chapter 28: Leave your mark before returning to port

About the authors

Kathleen L. Garrison, MSN, RN, is the clinical educator in the training and development department at Prince William Hospital in Manassas, VA. Throughout her career at Prince William, she has progressively “climbed the ladder” of responsibility from staff RN, to charge nurse, to clinical nurse leader, and functioned in a variety of management roles. Since beginning her nursing career 28 years ago, Garrison has gained expertise and functioned in various roles in many specialties including burns, critical care, home health, and emergency nursing. 

Jill Duncan, RN, MS,
MPH, is the director for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School for Health Professions in Cambridge, MA and the clinical advisor to the Rival Interactive Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Critical Decision Simulation project. Jill has more than 15 years of clinical nursing and education experience in a variety of acute care settings, and most recently served as clinical nurse specialist in the NICU at the Inova Fairfax Hospital for Children in Falls Church, VA. Duncan is coauthor of Pediatric High-Alert Medications: Evidence-Based Safe Practices for Nursing Professionals, published by HCPro, Inc.

Published: October 2008

About the contributor

Richard Freedberg, RN, MSN, MPA, is a professor of mental health nursing at Lansing Community College in Lansing, MI.  His clinical experience includes staff nursing and management roles in medical-surgical and mental health acute care settings, home care nursing, and medical intermediate care.

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