Strengthening Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships

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Strengthening Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships

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Put an end to horizontal hostility among nurses.

Gossip. Backstabbing. Constant criticism. Sabotage.

These are just a few of the ways in which horizontal hostility expresses itself. Left unattended, such behaviors have the ability to affect turnover rates, staff satisfaction and, worst of all, quality of care.

Horizontal hostility is a problem that plagues staff in almost every hospital, but few resources were available to tell you how to handle this issue—until now.

HCPro has created a training resource to help nurses recognize and combat this serious issue. Strengthening Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships: A Guide to Ending Horizontal Hostility is an educational video that will help nurses at all levels understand the issue of horizontal hostility. It provides the expert advice and instructions you need to prevent hostility and improve the nursing culture at your facility.

Strengthening Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships will teach your nurses the importance of ending the animosity that arises among them, as well as the importance of building camaraderie among staff. Through real-life examples and best practices from the field, this video demonstrates how to take a proactive approach to preventing hostility through proper and effective communication.

Use Strengthening Nurse-to-Nurse Relationships as an opportunity for creating open dialogue with your nursing staff about the conflicts that exist in your facility. Teach them the keys to resolving those conflicts and fostering a healthy work environment. By doing so, you’ll make your workplace more attractive to current staff and future employees.

End the cycle of horizontal hostility. Order your copy today!

Who needs to see this video?

  • Staff Nurses
  • Nurse managers
  • Directors of nursing
  • Nursing executives
  • CNOs
  • Staff educators
  • Human resources professionals

Learning Objectives

  • Define horizontal hostility
  • List two overt behaviors that are characteristic of horizontal hostility
  • List two covert behaviors that are characteristic of horizontal hostility
  • Explain the ways in which overt and covert behaviors negatively affect a person
  • Identify two indicators that show horizontal hostility is at work in a facility
  • Discuss the oppression theory and the role it plays in the nursing profession
  • Explain the impact horizontal hostility has on its victims
  • Name two types of damage that victims of horizontal hostility may experience
  • Describe seven strategies for eliminating horizontal hostility
  • Indicate what percent of newly registered nurses leave their positions due to horizontal hostility
  • List six tips to help new nurses get acclimated to nursing
  • Identify at least two of the changes in healthcare that have increased nurses’ workloads
  • Demonstrate how using the word “I” aids in avoiding miscommunication
  • Recognize the ways in which role play can help managers and staff handle confrontation
  • Describe the components of a good and fair belief system

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