Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relationships

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Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relationships

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It's a fact

Dysfunctional interactions with physicians all too often leave nurses feeling intimidated and force them to throw up their hands in frustration. Or worse, it results in compromised patient care.

Put a stop to the struggle.

A never-ending cycle? Not if we can help it.

Using engaging case scenarios, critical thinking activities, and tangible advice, Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relationships: A Guide to Effective Communication will guide and empower nurses to develop effective nurse-physician relationships—relationships that foster patient safety and mutual respect.

Straightforward, honest, powerful

Honest and direct, this video reveals communication problems that exist in many healthcare organizations and offers strategies to avoid disconnects and animosity. Filled with field-tested, how to strategies, tips, and advice, nurses will learn how to take control of negative situations and be a true advocate for their patient.

Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relations: A Guide to Effective Communication will help nurses:

  • Understand why some physicians behave negatively
  • Know their role in the negative cycle that keeps nurses and physicians at odds
  • Recognize communication techniques to prevent or stop bad behavior from occurring, such as using the SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) tool to empower nurses to state their needs and opinions
  • Implement strategies to turn common communication problems like disagreements over discharge orders into opportunities
  • Diffuse highly emotional situations
  • Take the right steps to achieve mutual respect
  • Implement strategies to turn common communication breakdowns into opportunities
  • Confront physician counterparts effectively and professionally
  • Understand the nurse manager's role in fostering healthy nurse-physician communication and relationships
  • Create collaborative working relationships and a safe environment for patient care

About the Author:

Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN, a registered nurse and counselor, uses the power of story from her experience as the manager of a large surgical unit to shed light on the challenges and issues facing nurses today. Her strength is her ability to link the academic world with the practical reality of the hospital. Her objective is to serve as a much-needed voice for nursing today.

Bartholomew has been a national speaker for the nursing profession for the past six years. Recognizing that the culture of an institution is critical to patient safety, she speaks on building community in the workplace and improving nurse-physician relationships. Speak Your Truth: Proven Strategies for Effective Nurse-Physician Communication was published in 2004 as her Master’s thesis. She also wrote the best-selling Ending Nurse-to-Nurse Hostility: Why Nurses Eat Their Young And Each Other in 2006. Both her lectures and books reflect her passion and love of nursing.

The ball's in your court

Remember, it's the patient who will inevitably suffer for poor nurse-physician relationships, so it's worth it for you to learn how to appropriately handle negative behavior.

Strengthening Nurse-Physician Relations: A Guide to Effective Communication puts the tools to communicate effectively in your hands so that you can apply them with confidence to every relationship that you have, or want to have.

Continuing Education:

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