SBAR: Staff Training for Improved Communication

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SBAR: Staff Training for Improved Communication

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When a patient's life is on the line, you only have time for the most critical information.

Rapid response teams. Patient hand-offs. Medication reconciliation. From day to day, in dozens of different situations, healthcare staff must communicate vast quantities of complex information up and down the chain of command. Sometimes, it's next to impossible to keep all the information straight. But when the message gets garbled, mistakes can happen and patients can be harmed.

Effective communication is the lifeblood of a great patient safety program. To keep your organization running smoothly, every staff member must deliver critical information as clearly and concisely as possible.

Teach your staff the fine art of effective communication

This training DVD designed to demonstrate to your entire organization the precise techniques for delivering timely, sensitive, and critical information—clearly, concisely, and courteously.

What is SBAR?

Developed by the U.S. Navy, SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) is a communication technique that conveys only the most critical information. Adapted for the healthcare community, SBAR eliminates excessive language, allowing staff to get immediately to the heart of every issue.

This DVD illustrates the industry standard for improved communication, teaches staff to deliver quick summaries, and shows how to make sure that everyone receives only the most essential information in the time-sensitive culture of healthcare.

A unique training opportunity

In less than 30 minutes, a series of practical, real-life scenarios will guide your staff through all four facets of SBAR:

  1. The speaker explains the situation
  2. Relevant background is offered to provide context
  3. A brief assessment of the situation is delivered
  4. The speaker presents recommendations about patient treatment

Though the concepts seem basic, staff constantly struggle with different elements of the technique. For example, new nurses often have a hard time with the recommendation stage of SBAR because they are inexperienced at "diagnosing" or recommending treatment.

An exceptionally well-crafted training tool for healthcare professionals at every level

From nursing assistants to physicians, everyone has a role in ensuring patients' health and safety. Effective communication will enhance your organization's efforts, allowing everyone to focus on the task at hand, rather than he-said-she-said.

Bonus FREE gift!

In addition to the first-rate training provided in SBAR: Staff Training for Improved Communication, you'll also receive a pack of 25 laminated SBAR pocket cards with your order. Easy to carry and easy to display, these cards will serve as a reminder for staff to communicate in the most effective, efficient, and courteous manner possible! Order extra SBAR pocket cards here.