Respirator Safety for Healthcare Workers

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Respirator Safety for Healthcare Workers

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Respirator Safety for Healthcare Workers

Quick, effective training that meets OSHA requirements!

Protection from airborne infectious diseases such as TB remains one of the top concerns among healthcare workers. Now avian and pandemic flu, and SARS-type agents have been added to OSHA’s list of hazards for frontline healthcare workers.

This 15-minute training video (available on DVD) will educate your staff on the basics of using the disposable N95 respirator, the most common respirator used to prevent exposure to airborne infections in healthcare facilities.

Respirator Safety for Healthcare Workers: Prevent Exposure to Airborne Infections, meets initial and annual training requirements for OSHA’s respiratory protection standard, and demonstrates:

  • How the respirator works to protect against airborne transmission
  • Why proper selection, fit, and seals checks are essential for safety
  • How to don and doff, in sequence with other personal protection equipment and care for, and maintain respirators

Updated to include recent OSHA and CDC standards and guidelines on respiratory protection, pandemic influenza, and isolation precautions, Respirator Safety for Healthcare Workers can be applied to a range of healthcare settings, including hospitals, nursing and personal care facilities, ambulatory facilities, and medical and dental practices.

In addition to this convenient training video you will also save time administering your respiratory protection plan with the tools and resources included with the video:

  • Respirator safety for healthcare workers quiz
  • Personal protective equipment donning and removing sequence
  • OSHA Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Respirator decision tree
  • Implementation and planning for respiratory protection programs in healthcare settings
  • Responsibilities for pandemic influenza preparedness
  • Sample supply checklists for pandemic planning

Who will benefit from this training video?

Healthcare workers in clinical and support settings: physicians, nurses, techs, housekeeping, engineering

You spend considerable time selecting respirators, training staff, and administering respiratory protection programs to achieve accreditation, as well as to be in compliance with state health departments and federal occupational safety and health regulations. This video will provide your staff the best possible training on respirator availability, use, and maintenance.

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