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Residency Program Alert

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Residency Program Alert (RPA)

Evolving regulatory requirements present new challenges for residency program directors and coordinators as they try to effectively manage their programs. As accrediting agencies focus on duty hour regulations, supervision, fatigue management, outcome measures, core competencies, and proper documentation, you need tools and resources to meet the growing list of challenges. Residency Program Alert (RPA) is the source of information that goes beyond the standards and regulations, giving you the practical advice, tools, and step-by-step strategies you need to maintain accreditation, improve your program, and make your daily tasks easier. 

Every month, RPA provides expert compliance advice, best practices, and tips from well-respected in-the-trenches experts to help you:

  • Identify the benchmarks for coordinator success
  • Manage resident recruitment from ERAS through Match Day
  • Assist program directors in implementing teaching methods tools
  • Demonstrate an understanding of ACGME standards, Common Program Requirements, and specific specialty requirements

Some recent articles include:

  • Enhancing patient-centered communication in residency
  • Implement successful resident clinical documentation training
  • Innovating ethics, professionalism training for medical residents
  • Cultivate resident interest in health policy
  • Presentation opportunities, tips for residency coordinators
  • Making the distinction between resident burnout and depression
  • Make the most of new resident orientation
  • Spurring innovation in the clinical learning environment
  • Excelling as a residency program director
  • What new physicians need to know about achieving, maintaining board certification

It’s more than just a newsletter.

RPA provides more than just a monthly electronic newsletter. Take a look at all the benefits a subscription has to offer, at no additional charge:

  • Residency Program Insider
    Our weekly email newsletter gives you access to the latest information, timely tips, techniques, and tools of the trade.
  • Sample forms and tools
    includes field-tested, time-saving forms and tools that you can adapt for your program.
  • FREE, fully searchable, online access to current AND past issues
    Your subscription includes electronic access to every issue. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can access current and past issues, including sample forms and tools.

Subscribe now and make your job easier.

Start your subscription today and you’ll receive tools, advice, and best practices on:

  • Navigating the Next Accreditation System
    Master the Next Accreditation System with the latest information about data submission requirements and educational milestones
  • Curtailed work hours
    Stay abreast of the latest duty-hour news and get practical solutions for creating schedules that meet the new requirements, and tracking and monitoring work hours.
  • Mitigating work environment fatigue
    Gain curriculum ideas for educating residents and faculty on the signs of fatigue and what to do if a resident is displaying those signs.
  • Creating curriculum
    Get tips on performing needs assessments, strategies to develop curriculum to meet those needs, best practices for balancing service and education, and practical tools to implement curriculum.
  • Outcomes measures
    Receive advice on how to create evaluation forms that yield useful information, and how to analyze the data to improve resident or faculty performance and improve your program
  • Juggling numerous administrative tasks
    Gain advice for coordinators and directors on managing program funding, organizing documentation, tracking residents’ scholarly activities, and building partnerships with the GME office team.
  • Legal issues
    Get strategies to avoid or reduce liability and risk, how to handle verification requests, methods for documenting poor performance, techniques for handling disruptive residents, and how to fulfill supervision requirements.

With your subscription, you will gain access to all current and past issues, including all sample forms and tools. Here are some forms and tools offered by RPA:

  • Salary survey
    Get tools to help you understand and refine your position within your organization.
  • Resident goals and objectives tracking form
    Use this evaluation template to track resident progress.
  • Annual Institutional Review template
    Objectively measure and score your programs based on 14 indictors.
  • Competency-based evaluation form of resident
    Assess residents’ skills and progression of performance with this sample formative evaluation.
  • Self-study tracking sheet
    Record and track improvements achieved and ongoing priorities with this spreadsheet.

Who will benefit from a subscription to RPA?
Residency program directors, residency program coordinators, GME coordinators, GME managers, assistant and associate deans, curriculum coordinators, designated institution officials, graduate medical education committee members, medical staff professionals, department heads, faculty development offices.

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