Registering First Impressions

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Registering First Impressions

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Nearly 90% of your colleagues feel customer service for patient access staff is a very important training need… Do you?

Have you ever bought a product that you loved, but the service wasn’t great?  How would you describe that encounter? Most people would focus on the negative -- and that is exactly what can happen to your hospital.

For the first and last person your patients will talk to…

The front door to your organization is where lasting impressions are made. Your staff needs to balance good customer service skills with productive dialogue with clinicians in a fast-paced, stressful environment. You can add increased competition among healthcare facilities, high turnover and lack of customer service skills. Although vitally important, it’s hard to find the time to give the department the training it needs.

Traning is the solution. There is no time like the present to make an investment in your hospital and in these invaluable patient access employees. Registering First Impressions: Customer Service Training for Patient Access Staff, is a cost and time effective way to give your front line the training that they need to project the positive image that you need as an organization. This video and CD-ROM shows the key elements of successful patient access customer service.

Your staff will be exposed to right way/wrong way approaches for the following scenarios:

  • Pre-registration phone etiquette
  • Interactions with clinical staff
  • Frustrated patients in the ED

A script, a quiz and several helpful tip sheets!

Not only do you get this convenient video that can train your entire patient access staff, but you also get a quiz to test each employee on what he/she learned. This will help your access managers with The Joint Commission surveys and other regulatory compliance issues. The tip sheet and script will provide managers and staff with the peace of mind they need to handle any situation, continue to act professionally, show respect, and ultimately gather the correct information.

After watching this video, your staff will know techniques – and how important it is – to:

  • remain calm and show respect when confronted with frustrated internal and external customers
  • take time to explain things
  • use kind words and an empathetic tone
  • project a professional image for your organization
  • diffuse any situation quietly
  • leave a positive impression


Patient access managers, patient account directors, PFS directors, human resource directors, VPs of finance, healthcare consultants/ trainers, quality assurance directors


Patient access staff, patient financial services staff, billing office staff, quality assurance staff, receptionists, and ultimately anyone who interacts with patients on the phone or in person.

This video will pay for itself time and time again. Order today!