Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online

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Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online

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This online boot camp is a great choice for those looking for self-paced training. You receive 24/7 access to the course—with the ability to submit questions to our instructors—for 60 days after purchase.

Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online

Course Overview

Leadership and management training from the experts at ACDIS

This online Boot Camp provides essential leadership and management training for new or aspiring leaders in CDI.

Many take on the CDI manager role with little preparation or understanding of the CDI function, how to manage and staff the department, or how to develop a department mission and strategy that align with your organization’s goals.

This course will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to become an effective leader in CDI. We prepare leaders so that they are better equipped to:

  • Influence and drive value in collaboration with other department leaders and C-suite executives
  • Lead their team to boost effectiveness and enhance employee engagement, satisfaction, and skills

While many courses focus on general leadership concepts, ACDIS developed this course to address the specific leadership skills and challenges in CDI.

This course will give you strategies for how to:

  • Lead at the organizational level. An essential first step is to understand the far-reaching impact CDI has across the organization (quality, healthcare data reporting, denials, compliance). We explore how you, as a leader, can collaborate across the departments and leverage the power of a strong CDI department to support your organization’s financial, quality, and strategic goals.
  • Put compliance front and center to drive success and prevent risk. Successful CDI leaders are acutely aware of how to identify compliance risk areas so that they do not leave their department open to vulnerabilities. You will leave with ideas and best practices for conducting internal audits and an understanding of denials management.
  • Hire, develop, and manage staff successfully. CDI leaders across the country struggle to find and grow talent within their teams. We give solid advice—specific to CDI—for how to screen, interview, and hire strong CDI specialists and how to develop them over time.
  • Direct the CDI department. Defining the mission of your department; charting goals, growth, and expansion; and managing change encourages purpose-driven leadership. You will receive guidance on how to intentionally utilize your department mission to evaluate opportunities and requests of your department. We delve into CDI metrics and offer tips for communicating program and staff effectiveness up and down in the organization.

The Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online will help you:

  • Connect how reimbursement methodologies, payer methodologies, healthcare data and compliance, and the CDI function relate to one another
  • Understand common CDI metrics and how to monitor, interpret, and report on staff effectiveness
  • Successfully perform management responsibilities within CDI specifically, such as creating job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and managing remote employees
  • Gain strategies for how to define your program’s mission, reporting structure, and staffing modules
  • Take home ideas for department policies and expansion

Plus, complete the included additional module to earn the Leadership in CDI Certificate!

Students who have completed the Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online can also complete the Leadership in CDI Certificate module. This eLearning module—provided in conjunction with the boot camp—offers a certificate in leadership skills and allows students to designate themselves as an ACDIS-Approved CDI Leader. Learn more on the Leadership in CDI Certificate tab.

Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online—see the difference for yourself!

Check out all the benefits of this HCPro Boot Camp Online:

  • Expertly designed course materials: Course materials are developed by an adult education expert. The curriculum uses a “how to” approach where participants learn how to apply CDI concepts that they can then customize to their organizational needs. Content is regularly updated based on changing industry practices and participant feedback. 
  • Live interaction with experts: Class size is limited to ensure individual attention. You'll be able to ask questions and get guidance from our instructors during a live office hour call.
  • Well-established program: Brought to you by the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS), this Boot Camp from the industry’s only dedicated CDI association provides the best-in-class education you expect.

Our boot camps are a comprehensive and effective way to strengthen your understanding of CDI. “Our goal as instructors is to offer detailed, thorough, and timely education that can be simply broken down and easily understood and applied in daily practice,” says CDI education director at HCPro, Laurie Prescott.

This isn't just any CDI course. Check out all the benefits of this HCPro online Boot Camp:

  • 60-day access to video instruction after purchase: View video sessions and complete all assignments, including review of all answer keys.
  • 24-hour access: Video instruction is available at any time of day—you choose the time that works for you. You can also email questions to our instructors. We try to answer all questions either via email or phone within two business days.

For more detailed information about our boot camps, contact us at 615-724-7200 or email PD-IS@SimplifyCompliance.com.

Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online

Leadership in CDI Certificate

The Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) is proud to launch a new certificate program for those seeking to distinguish themselves as leaders in CDI. While many courses focus on general leadership concepts, ACDIS developed this course to address the specific leadership skills and challenges in CDI.

The Leadership in CDI certificate module is comprised of foundational CDI education paired with a review of core compliance and ethical principles. Candidates who pass the final exam receive a certificate of leadership skills and are allowed to designate themselves as an ACDIS-Approved CDI Leader.

Why become an ACDIS-Approved CDI Leader?
The Leadership in CDI certificate demonstrates that an individual has cultivated both the CDI knowledge and the business and management skills necessary to be a successful leader. Individuals who pass the final examination are allowed to use the designation ACDIS-Approved CDI Leader in their resumes, biographical information, or email signatures.

This certificate module, designed to be completed in conjunction with the Leadership in CDI Boot Camp, is an additional module featuring training on core business skills that ACDIS has identified as key leadership competencies, and includes the following:

  • Brief eLearning courses related to:
    • Business writing
    • Conflict resolution
    • Setting goals to guide employee performance
    • Giving and receiving feedback
  • An ACDIS position paper on effective CDI leadership
  • Excerpts from leading ACDIS books on management

Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online


Below is the current course schedule for upcoming Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online classes.

To view our cancellation policy, click here.



Class Dates

Registration Deadline

June 2023 - August 2023

6/13/2023 - 8/12/2023 6/12/2023

July 2023 - September 2023

7/11/2023 - 9/9/2023 7/10/2023

August 2023 - October 2023

8/8/2023 - 10/7/2023 8/7/2023

September 2023 - November 2023

9/12/2023 - 11/11/2023 9/11/2023

October 2023 - December 2023

10/10/2023 - 12/9/2023 10/9/2023

November 2023 - January 2024

11/14/2023 - 1/13/2024 11/13/2023

December 2023 - February 2024

12/12/2023 - 2/10/2024 12/11/2023

Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online


Introduction to CDI
People are often assigned the responsibility of management of a CDI department or CDI staff without knowledge of the role and responsibilities. This course begins with a discussion about the CDI manager or leader role as well as the regulatory guidance that directs CDI practice.

This module discusses the Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) and CDI’s function related to code assignment and MS-DRG grouping. The module offers a surface dive into CDI function and how it impacts organizational goals.

Introduction to Outpatient CDI
The module covers the evolution of CDI into the outpatient setting. It reviews CDI efforts related to the emergency department, observation, and primary care/clinic reviews. The instructor will steer the discussion to cover the various missions related to outpatient CDI, which include:

  • Denials prevention
  • Risk adjustment
  • Charge capture
  • Quality

Other Payer Systems
This module continues discussing healthcare reimbursement, touching on a number of methodologies within both the inpatient and outpatient settings, including bundled payments, accountable care organizations, risk adjustment, and billing.

Healthcare Data and Public Reporting
The impact of CDI function upon quality reporting is well established within the industry. This module covers a number of CMS quality monitors and CDI function related to the reporting of this data and organizational reimbursement.

CDI Practice: Record Review and Query
This module reviews the basics of CDI function, including record review and query compliance.

Revenue Cycle and Audit Activities
Understanding compliance is a core competency for CDI. This module covers the efforts in place to monitor compliance, including RAC, OIG, and PEPPER data. It also reviews the Medicare appeals process.

CDI Metrics
Managers must monitor and communicate staff function and effectiveness. This module discusses standard metrics used to measure departmental function and benchmarking.

Managing Your CDI Staff
Managing staff can be challenging. This module provides direction in how to do so, covering the functions of managing people and a CDI program, including screening applicants, interviewing, hiring, and training. The discussion includes competency assessments and what to consider when employees are working remotely.

Directing Your CDI Department
Directing a department is different than managing and has different responsibilities. This module offers guidance related to departmental mission, reporting structure, staffing models, written policies, and job roles.

CDI Expansion: Managing Change
The impact of CDI continues to grow, and managers must thoughtfully engage in this process to plan change and grow the department and mission.

Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online


Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online—How does it work?
You'll receive the same content and instruction that you would experience at our classroom-based, nationally recognized Boot Camps.

Here's how it works:

  • 60-day access after purchase to online instruction: View sessions and complete all assignments including review of all answer keys.
  • 24-hour access: Instruction is available any time of day. You choose the time that works for you.
  • Ask the Expert: Email questions to our instructors. We try to answer all questions either via email or phone within three business days.
  • Interactive learning: Course participants work more than 140 exercises and questions based on the course content.
  • Well-established program: Backed by the Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS), this Boot Camp provides the same great education you've come to rely on.

What is the focus of the Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online?
Many are asked to take on the CDI manager role with little preparation or understanding of either CDI functions or the process of managing those functions. This course is designed to encourage discussion and exploration of the responsibilities, challenges, and best practices related to management and direction of a CDI department.

Are there any prerequisites?
No. However, because of the course's fast-paced nature, it is recommended (but not required) that participants have at least one year of experience working in a hospital. This course is taught on a basic to intermediate level.

Who should attend?

  • CDI specialists, CDI supervisors, CDI managers/directors
  • Inpatient coders, coding supervisors, coding managers/directors
  • HIM managers/directors
  • DRG coordinators
  • Coding compliance specialists, coding compliance supervisors/managers/directors
  • Quality integrity professionals, quality department managers/directors
  • Utilization review/case management managers/directors
  • Revenue cycle managers/directors
  • Physician advisors/champions to CDI
  • Hospitalist leadership

Is there a discount for ACDIS members?
ACDIS members save $150 off the registration fee. Call 800-650-6787 to receive your special discount rate or sign up to become an ACDIS member today!

What if I need to cancel or transfer my registration?
Please click here to view our cancellation policy.

Does the completion of the course lead to any formal certification?
Those who successfully complete the course receive a certificate and can designate themselves ACDIS-Approved CDI Leaders.

Does HCPro ever share contact information (e.g., name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) with other companies?
Historically, we have not shared contact information with anyone outside of our company. However, it is possible that at some point we might share contact information with other companies that offer products and services that we think would be of interest to our customers. If you would like us to keep your contact information confidential, please let us know so that we can flag your information in our customer database as "Do Not Share."

How do I get more information?
Contact us at 615-724-7200 or email PD-IS@SimplifyCompliance.com.

Leadership in CDI Boot Camp Online

Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this boot camp, participants will be able to:

  • Implement CDI strategies related to IPPS and OPPS reimbursement methodologies
  • Apply CDI strategies/interventions impacting OPPS reimbursement, including APCs, provider E&M, and risk adjustment HCCs
  • Articulate payment methodologies such as bundled payments, ACOs, risk adjustment, per diem rates, Medicaid, and private insurances
  • Define the role of a query in CDI/coding
  • Create policies to define a compliant query process
  • Create a CDI specialist job description
  • Plan and implement an effective interview process
  • Develop a thorough and complete training plan
  • Build comprehensive policies and procedures directing CDI function
  • Develop and evaluate a clear, defined departmental mission