OSHA Mock Inspections: How to Assess and Improve Staff and Facility Safety - On-Demand

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OSHA Mock Inspections: How to Assess and Improve Staff and Facility Safety - On-Demand

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OSHA Mock Inspections: How to Assess and Improve Staff and Facility Safety - On-Demand

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Presented on:
Wednesday, January 14, 2015\

Presented by:
Sarah Alholm, MAS

Sponsored by:
Medical Environment Update

This program will help supervisors and managers ensure employee safety compliance in physician offices, clinics, and other facilities. Speaker Sarah Alholm, the author of the new HCPro book OSHA Mock Inspection Made Simple, will explain what to look for in areas with and without direct patient care. She will also provide guidance on maintaining proper documentation for safety-related plans and training.

At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Improve employee input and create safety cultures to reduce the likelihood of employee complaints and subsequent OSHA inspections
  • Explain the most common OSHA citations at medical facilities
  • Take the steps necessary to avoid the most common OSHA citations
  • Comply with OSHA’s General Duty Clause, which requires employers to provide a safe place of employment regardless of whether OSHA has issued a standard on a particular hazard 
  • Develop and implement an action plan for a no-notice on-site OSHA inspection


  1. OSHA inspections
    • Reasons for inspections
      • Employee complaints (why you need internal mechanisms for staff to voice safety concerns)
      • Scheduled and targeted inspections
      • Considerations for multi-office standardization
  2.  Significant areas to focus on in your compliance programs
    • Bloodborne Pathogens standard
    • Hazard Communication standard
    • Specific frequent citations
    • Understanding the General Duty Clause
      • Ergonomics
      • Workplace violence
  3. General safety requirements: Assessing your location’s:
    • Exit routes
    • Fire regulations
    • Electrical safety
  4. Examine a hazard-by-hazard approach within different facility types
    • Imaging services
    • Pathology labs
    • Laser-based surgery
    • Other specialties as participants request during polling
  5. Be ready: What to expect and do!
    • Avoid inadvertently expanding inspection scope
    • OSHA’s rights regarding staff involvement
    • Post-inspection negotiations

Who Should Listen

Safety managers, safety officers, safety professionals, medical clinic safety officers, patient safety professionals, quality professionals, accreditation office managers, survey prep professionals, hospital safety officers, infection preventionists, lab safety professionals, quality assurance directors, accreditation professionals, directors of accreditation, maintenance supervisors, OSHA program managers, program administrators, nurse managers, nurses, lab techs, practice managers, office managers, infection control managers, HR, and personnel managers.

Meet the Speaker

Sarah Alholm, MAS, has applied her safety knowledge at organizations large and small for over 10 years. Before partnering with HCPro, she was the lead OSHA technical expert at Quality America, Inc., a healthcare consulting firm that helped medical and dental practices comply with OSHA regulations. She also served at Baxter Healthcare Corporation, where she implemented procedural and engineering controls that reduced occupational risk for laboratory personnel. Alholm has developed successful safety training programs for both the healthcare and aviation industries. Her experience also includes curriculum development and execution addressing communication among members of high-performance teams, risk management, and OSHA hazard communication.

Webinar system requirements and program materials:
To fully benefit from the webinar experience, please note you will need a computer equipped with the following:

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, with JavaScript enabled
Internet: 56K or faster Internet connection (high-speed connection recommended) 
Streaming: for audio/video streaming, Adobe Flash plug-in or Safari browser on iOS devices

Prior to the webinar, you will receive an email with detailed system requirements, your login information, presentation slides, and other materials that you can print and distribute to all attendees at your location.

No problem. The On-Demand version is also available. Use it as a training tool at your convenience—whenever your new or existing staff need a refresher or need to understand a new concept. Play it once or dozens of times. A $199 value! 

Participation in this webinar is just $199 per site. All materials must be retrieved from the Internet. 

Call your customer service representative toll-free 800-650-6787 or email customerservice@hcpro.com if you have questions.