Nurse Retention Toolkit: Everyday Ways to Recognize and Reward Nurses

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Nurse Retention Toolkit: Everyday Ways to Recognize and Reward Nurses

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Nurse Retention Toolkit: Everyday Ways to Recognize and Reward Nurses

Bonnie Clair, BSN, RN; Lydia Ostermeier, MSN, RN, CHCR


Recognizing and rewarding your nurses just got a lot easier

Need a quick, budget-friendly retention idea? Just open HCPro’s book, Nurse Retention Toolkit: Everyday Ways to Recognize and Reward Nurses, and you’ll find more than 50 proven retention tips you can use today!

Nurse Retention Toolkit
is the only retention resource that’s tailor-made for the unique needs of the nursing environment. It’s packed with best practices from successful organizations across the country that will show you what retention methods work and what nurses genuinely appreciate. Plus, this book will also help you meet long-term retention goals by helping managers to focus on the career development of their staff and methods to build a positive work environment.

Rely on Nurse Retention Toolkit to give you retention inspiration whenever you need it to keep your nurses happy, engaged, and committed. Your nurses will thank you for it!

Get nurse retention strategies you can’t find anywhere else with this book and CD-ROM, including:

  • Low-cost and no-cost reward ideas
  • Recognition tips specific to different generational groups
  • Simple solutions to retain new graduate nurses
  • Methods to build and justify a retention budget
  • Easy ways to sustain a positive work environment and recognize professional development
  • More than 50 best practice retention tips from your peers
  • Recognition and reward tools on the accompanying CD-ROM that you can download, customize, and use today!

Take a look at some of the quick-and-easy, cost-effective retention ideas you’ll find in this book:

  • Hand out stuffed giraffes to staff members who “stick out their necks” by going beyond their usual duties
  • Give nurses a pouch of toy gold coins to let them know “they’re a treasure”
  • Recount nurses’ contributions for the year in their anniversary card and describe specific ways they are important to your unit


Table of Contents

Part One: Free and budget-friendly rewards
Chapter 1: Celebrate nurses without breaking the budget
Chapter 2: No-cost, everyday ways to recognize and reward nurses
Chapter 3: Reward and recognition tips to appeal to all generations
Part Two: Foster a retention culture focused on nurses’ needs
Chapter 4: Keep new nurse graduates at the bedside
Chapter 5: Be a leader: Build relationships, promote autonomy, and listen to nurses’ needs
Chapter 6: Team building: The road to a positive work environment
Part Three: Long-term strategies for retention
Chapter 7: Build a retention budget
Chapter 8: Take it to the next level: Advance nursing professional development
Chapter 9: Retention benefits of achieving nursing’s highest honor

Meet the authors

Bonnie Clair, BSN, RN, is the retention project manager at CoxHealth in Springfield, MO. She has been a nurse for 27 years, and her clinical background includes staff nurse, charge nurse, preceptor, nurse manager, neonatal flight nurse, nursing educator, and nursing school administrator. Her bedside nursing experience encompasses medical-surgical, neuroscience, and neonatal intensive care.

Lydia Ostermeier, MSN, RN, CHCR, is the director of nurse recruitment, retention, work force development, resource allocation, and customer service at
Clarian Health in Indianapolis, IN. Ostermeier has recruited and retained more than 5,000 nurses. She serves as the North Central Regional Chair for the National Association for Health Care Recruitment and is president of the Indiana Association for Health Care Recruitment.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify budget-friendly ways to reward staff nurses
  • Demonstrate how to build relationships with other organizational departments
  • Identify Web sites that offer personalized gifts
  • Recognize ways to celebrate Nurses Week
  • Identify simple and free ways to reward staff
  • Identify local resources to recognize staff
  • Recognize ways to have fun while working 
  • Identify retention tips for four generations
  • Identify how nurses of all generations want to be recognized
  • List simple ways to recognize new nurse graduates
  • Discuss strategies that help prevent new nurses from leaving
  • Explain ways to provide positive feedback to new nurses.
  • Identify the benefits of mentoring programs for new graduates
  • Recognize ways to improve leadership skills
  • Discuss how to build relationships with the staff
  • Describe how to use good listening skills
  • Support a relationship-building environment
  • Use nursing retreats as a way to build morale and have fun
  • Identify how to improve communication between nurses
  • Identify steps to creating a budget
  • Assess how to get buy-in for the budget from upper management
  • Identify how to prepare for recruitment
  • Identify ways to help nurses advance in their careers
  • List ways to conduct on-site educational forums
  • Explain best practices for using performance reviews as a way to retain staff members
  • Explain what ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®* designation is
  • Identify the benefits for achieving designation
  • Recognize how each of the 14 Forces of Magnetism helps retain nurses

Continuing Education:

If you would like to find out about the availability of nursing contact hours on this or any other HCPro nursing book, please visit our Continuing Education information page, here.

Published: September 2008