Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore - On-Demand

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Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore - On-Demand

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Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore - On-Demand

Now Available On-Demand

ACDIS is proud to offer our final virtual education event for 2021: an on-demand virtual conference filled with educational opportunities and continuing education offerings.

Throughout an unprecedented pandemic, ACDIS and the CDI community have continuously embodied a spirit of change. Now, we welcome you to join us for Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore.

During this online event, participants will delve into a wide variety of emerging ways that CDI professionals have pushed their programs forward, pulled their staff through innovative waters, and propelled program outcomes beyond traditional record reviews.

Sessions will dig into quality-of-care concerns such as record reviews to capture mortality, value-based purchasing, patient length of stay, clinical validation, and more.

Additionally, as the world moves forward post-pandemic, CDI programs are taking their next steps, too, hiring additional staff and coalescing their teams. Participants will dive into DRG accuracy, CMS’ chronic conditions list, ICD-10-PCS code assignment, and other core clinical and coding competencies CDI professionals need to be proficient.

Please note: All registered attendees of the in-person live national ACDIS conference in October 2021 received a complimentary registration to this event when it aired live in November.

Important: The continuing education credits associated with this event were for live attendees only. Continuing education credits will not be available for on-demand sessions.

Registration includes a 60-day access period to the platform.

Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore - On-Demand


15 minutes
Welcome Remarks
ACDIS Director Brian Murphy

50 minutes
General Session: A CDI Approach for Salvaging Opportunities During COVID-19
Amy Current, RN, MSN, CCDS, and Eileen Pracz, RN, CCDS
During the pandemic, the trajectory of healthcare was uncertain and there were fewer in-hospital, non-COVID-19 admissions. CDI programs scrambled to mine low-hanging fruit, diving deep into the chart to identify any opportunities to evaluate, educate, and collaborate. This strategy served Oregon Health & Science University well during the pandemic, but any program can use it to increase productivity and outcomes regardless of the obstacles they’re facing.

50 minutes

Track 1: Clinical & Coding
ICD-10-CM Coding Changes: What You Need to Know Now!
Join us for a comprehensive review of the FY 2022 ICD-10-CM coding changes, including the ever-evolving coding guidance on COVID-19. This session will break down the new additions and how they can create opportunities for documentation integrity improvement at your facility.

Track 2: Quality & Regulatory
Is Automation Your Next Step?
Shelby Humphreys, RHIA, Debbie Martin, RN, Vaughn Matacale, MD, CCDS, and Gerasimos Petratos, MD
This panel discussion/case study from the CDI team at Vidant Health in Charlotte, North Carolina, will offer insight into how their health system explored, developed, established, and refined an automated query process. Attendees will review CDI needs related to natural language processing as well as implementation timelines, outcomes, benefits, and pitfalls to overcome.

50 minutes

Track 1: Clinical & Coding
Deep Dive Into the CMS Chronic Condition List
Leigh Poland, RHIA, CCS
During this session, Leigh Poland, executive director for education at AGS Health in Newark, New Jersey, will explore how coding chronic conditions and comorbidities affects efforts related to value-based care—advancing the triple aim of providing better care for individuals, improving population health management strategies, and reducing healthcare costs. Participants will learn how risk scores and the Risk Adjustment Factor work as statistical tools that predict speculated healthcare costs.

Track 2: Quality & Regulatory
Patient Safety Indicators: A Collaborative Approach
Keisha Downes, BSN, RN, CCRN, CCDS
Learn how the CDI team from Tufts Medical Center in Boston collaborated with quality, coding, and physician advisors to address the rise of Patient Safety Indicators. Tufts created a PSI Review Committee to address the root causes and explore AHRQ exclusions, leading to CDI record review expansion to incorporate not only CC/MCC and SOI/ROM capture but also identification of PSI-90 measures.

50 minutes
General SessionPoster Lightning Rounds
Imelda Gerard, BSN, RN, RCYT200; Tina M. Scarborough, RN, CCM, CCDS; Kelly Sutton, MHL, BSN, RN, CCDS; Patricia Durgin, MS, BSN, CCDS, CPHQ
Join us for a series of brief presentations on hot topics in clinical documentation integrity. CDI professionals in the field offer their perspectives on patient safety indicators, coding, collaboration, sepsis, and much more.

30 minutes
General Session Q&A
Join the speakers for a Q&A and listen to submitted questions.
Amy Current, RN, MSN, CCDS
Keisha Downes, BSN, RN, CCRN, CCDS
Shelby Humphreys, RHIA
Debbie Martin, RN
Vaughn Matacale, MD, CCDS
Gerasimos Petratos, MD
Leigh Poland, RHIA, CCS
Eileen Pracz, RN, CCDS

50 minutes
General Session: ACDIS Regulatory Committee & Advisory Board Update

50 minutes

Track 1: Clinical & Coding
Demystifying Debridement: Partnering With the Patient Care Team
Lynn Heinrich, MS, RN, CCDS, and Lynette Kutz, RN, BSN, CCDS
Session attendees will learn why it’s important to continue to focus on debridement and obtain clinical and coding information necessary to prevent denials and capture this condition in the medical record.

Track 2: Quality & Regulatory
CDI Beyond Reimbursement: How NYU Health Incorporated Focus on Quality Into CDI Reviews
Jennifer Bahdi, MPA, MSN, NP-C, CDIP, CCDS, CCS, Christopher Petrilli, MD, SFHM, CCDS
Join the CDI team from NYU Langone Health to learn how an institutionalized value-based management initiative can result in better quality of care and patient outcomes. Presenters will explore critical elements including education, specialized reviews, and escalation workflow, as well as monitoring and evaluation of project outcomes.

50 minutes

Track 1: Clinical & Coding
Concurrent Coding: A Different Approach to Maximizing CDI Resources
Michelle Knuckles, RHIT
During this session, Michelle Knuckles, manager of inpatient coding and CDI at Utah Health in Salt Lake City, will explore how to use a fully concurrent coding model from admission to discharge. Coders own the process of setting the initial DRG and following an account through discharge, which provides CDI specialists more time for clinical review and query generation. Knuckles will also hold additional discussion regarding facilitating collaborative processes between the two departments.

Track 2: Quality & Regulatory
Leveraging Length of Stay Data for Provider Engagement and CDI
Jennifer Cavagnac, RN, CCDS
Join Baystate Health’s CDI assistant director to learn how to leverage technology in identifying a working DRG, pairing that information with expected geometric length of stay (GLOS), and using that data within the query process. See how Baystate Health, based in Springfield, Massachusetts, uses GLOS for interdisciplinary huddles that accommodate both remote and on-site staff.

50 minutes
General Session: Poster Lightning Rounds
Kirti Loper, MBA, CHDA; Lindsay Jennings, RHIT; Stacia Gandee, RHIA, CCS;  Alexis Wells, MSN, RN, CCDS
Join us for a series of brief presentations on hot topics in clinical documentation integrity. CDI professionals in the field offer their perspectives on patient safety indicators, coding, collaboration, sepsis, and much more.

30 minutes
General Session: Q&A
Join the speakers for a Q&A and listen to submitted questions.
Jennifer Bahdi, MPA, MSN, NP-C, CDIP, CCDS, CCS
Jennifer Cavagnac, RN, CCDS
Lynn Heinrich, MS, RN, CCDS
Michelle Knuckles, RHIT
Lynette Kutz, RN, BSN, CCDS
Christopher Petrilli, MD, SFHM, CCDS

50 minutes
General Session: Poster Lightning Rounds
Brooke Twomley, RN, BSN; Janet Robinson, RN, CCDS, CCS; Lourdes Cacanindin, MD, CCDS; Laura Ogaard, RN, MSN
Join us for a series of brief presentations on hot topics in clinical documentation integrity. CDI professionals in the field offer their perspectives on patient safety indicators, coding, collaboration, sepsis, and much more.

50 minutes

Track 1: Clinical & Coding
Evaluation and Management (E/M) Office Visit Revisions
Zachary Hochstetler
Join the director of CPT® editorial and regulatory affairs for the American Medical Association to learn about new landmark revisions to the CPT E/M codes and gain insight into the process behind the reimagined approach to office visits—directly from the secretary of the CPT Editorial Panel.

Track 2: Quality & Regulatory
Clinical Validity Denial Prevention Strategies
David Balt, DO, and Stacy Reck, MBA, RHIA, CDIP
Join the team from Avera Health to learn how a large health system was able to consolidate denials into a central tool used across the system. Participants will explore how CDI efforts helped to build management and data collection assessments for real-time denial management dashboards, leading to innovative practices for CDI, coding, and provider education.

50 minutes

Track 1: Clinical & Coding
Assigning ICD-10-PCS Codes Using CMS Files
Cindy Hestir, MSN, RN, CCDS, and Kay Piper, RHIA, CDIP, CCS
Learn how to use CMS’ free ICD-10-PCS files for accurate coding. This session will include hands-on participation and provide tips and tricks for avoiding coding errors.

Track 2: Quality & Regulatory
Make the Business Case for Your CDI Program With Redefined Performance Metrics
Kim Conner, RN, CCDS
Learn how South Shore Health, based in Weymouth, Massachusetts, launched a reorganization of its CDI program to address the need for better performance metrics and improved collaboration to focus on people, process, and technology.

50 minutes
General Session: Harnessing the Chameleon-Like Powers of ICD-10
Margaret DeFilippis, RN, JD, CCDS, CDIP, CCS, CPC, and Saneth Eang Desch, RN, CCDS, CCS
Join the CDI team from UCLA Health in California to better understand the effect of ICD-10-CM/PCS codes in all parts of the revenue cycle—from inpatient to outpatient, from quality to compliance. Capturing accurate and complete documentation, with an awareness of all outcomes stemming from that documentation, is vital to keeping healthcare doors open.

30 minutes
General Session: Q&A
Join the speakers for a Q&A and listen to submitted questions.
Kim Conner, RN, CCDS
Margaret DeFilippis, RN, JD, CCDS, CDIP, CCS, CPC
Saneth Eang Desch, RN, CCDS, CCS
Cindy Hestir, MSN, RN, CCDS
Zachary Hochstetler
Kay Piper, RHIA, CDIP, CCS

Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore - On-Demand


Chinwe Anyika

Chinwe Anyika, PhD, RN, CDIP, CCS, CCDS, CCDS-O, CPHIMS, is CDI and data operations manager at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. She has experience in critical care, telemetry, ER, and med-surg. After starting her CDI career at Mountainside Hospital, New Jersey in 2010, Dr. Anyika designed and maintained the CDI database software used by the hospital for all CDI data entry and workflow processes. She currently oversees 14 CDI staff, supervising day-to-day CDI operations/activities, providing CDI training to the CDI specialists and providers, and performing comprehensive data analytics to show CDI and provider performance metrics.

Jennifer Bahdi Jennifer Bahdi, MPA, MSN, NP-C, CDIP, CCDS, CCS- CDI director at NYU Langone Health in New York City. Bahdi has over a decade of clinical documentation improvement experience, she holds masters degrees in Public Administration and Nursing, and in addition to CDI, she has worked for the past 7 years as a board certified nurse practitioner in internal medicine.
David Balt

David Balt, DO, is the physician advisor for CDI/UR at Avera Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where he works to establish system-level strategies for CDI/UR programs and assists with physician-to-physician discussions and education. He is a practicing ED physician at Avera Queen of Peace, where he also serves as chief medical officer. Dr. Balt holds a degree from Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Jennifer Cavagnac

Jennifer Cavagnac, RN, CCDS, is the assistant director of CDI at Baystate Health System in Springfield, Massachusetts. She has more than 20 years’ experience in coding and coding compliance for both inpatient and outpatient settings. She currently leads a team of skilled CDI professionals along with coding compliance post-discharge reviewers, and inpatient/outpatient coders across four Baystate campuses.

Kim Conner

Kim Conner, RN, CCDS, is CDI manager at South Shore Health in Weymouth, Massachusetts. She has more than 20 years’ experience, including 14 years in surgical ICU. Under her leadership, South Shore Health has transformed its CDI program, improving collaboration with clinicians and coders, redesigning processes for greater efficiency, and instituting performance measures that demonstrate the value of CDI to South Shore’s overall success.

Amy Current

Amy Current, RN, MSN, CCDS, is a CDI specialist at Oregon Health & Science University. She has a background in ED/trauma, and is working on her PhD in nursing focusing on public health and health administration, but plans on remaining in CDI throughout her nursing career. Contact her at

Margaret DeFilippis

Margaret DeFilippis, RN, JD, CCDS, CDIP, CCS, CPC, is a CDI specialist at UCLA Health in Los Angeles, where she specializes in appeal writing for all levels and payers including RAC, APR- and MS-DRGs, HCPCS/CPT/APC, as well as national and local coverage determinations. She has a background as a risk management attorney, and has served as a health information analyst and remote CDI specialist for Parkview Medical Center in Colorado and Managed Resources, Inc.

Keisha Downes

Keisha Downes, BSN, RN, CCRN, CCDS, is the CDI manager at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. With more than 16 years of nursing experience focused on trauma, neurosurgery, ICU, and interventional radiology, Downes has worked as a CDI specialist in Virginia, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts. She currently volunteers as a co-leader for the Massachusetts ACDIS chapter, serves on the ACDIS Scholarship Committee, and is a member of the ACDIS Leadership Council.

Saneth Eang Desch, RN, CCDS, CCS, is the CDI manager for UCLA Health in Los Angeles.

Lynn Heinrich, MS, RN, CCDS, is a CDI specialist at the Milwaukee Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center. She has worked in multiple roles throughout her 40-year nursing career, including critical care manager, cardiovascular data analyst, and parish nurse. In her role, Heinrich has worked to develop a CDI program that aligns with the national VA standard but is attuned to the needs of patients from Milwaukee. Heinrich is a Wisconsin ACDIS chapter co-leader and presenter.

Cindy Hestir, MSN, RN, CCDS, is a CDI specialist at the University of Missouri Healthcare system, where she’s worked for more than 25 years in positions including general medicine, cardiology, cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, staff health, care coordination, and utilization review. Hestir is an active member of the Heart of Missouri ACDIS chapter, where she serves as the secretary and a member of the Missouri state conference planning committee.

Zachary Hochstetler is the director of CPT® editorial and regulatory affairs in the American Medical Association’s Health Solutions unit in Chicago. His work focuses on several key areas, including leading and setting strategic direction for the CPT Editorial Panel and directing the communication of healthcare policies through identification and resolution of national payment and reporting problems. He is also the secretary of the CPT Editorial Panel, ensuring that the process remains open and transparent.

Shelby Humphreys, RHIA, is the director of coding and CDI at Vidant Health in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina, and has worked in HIM for 15 years. She has worked in the physician practice and hospital settings for the better part of her career. She currently is responsible for inpatient/outpatient coding, auditing, education, charge capture, and CDI.

Michelle Knuckles

Michelle Knuckles, RHIT, is the manager of inpatient coding and CDI at the University of Utah Health in Salt Lake City, where she has served in various HIM roles for more than 30 years. Through her efforts, she has fostered an integrated and collaborative partnership between CDI, coders, quality and patient safety, and inpatient rehab coordinators, while maintaining key performance indicators in both financial and quality initiatives. Additionally, Knuckles is a CDI preceptor for Weber State University, providing biannual presentations to AAS students in the HIT program.

Lynette Kutz
    Lynette Kutz, BSN, RN, CCDS, is a CDI specialist with Accuity in Mount Laurel, NJ.  Kutz resides in Wisconsin and works remotely. Kutz has 20 years of clinical background and received her Certified Coder certificate in 2011. Kutz is vice president of the Wisconsin ACDIS local chapter and has presented on multiple occasions for its events. Kutz has a passion for mentoring new CDI specialists and is a valued resource for her colleagues. She enjoys networking with other CDI programs and collaborating on ideas for improvement.

      Debbie Martin, RN, is the CDI manager for Vidant Health, a multihospital health system in eastern North Carolina. She has more than 30 years of experience in the various settings of critical care, occupational health, clinical information analytics, and CDI. In her current role, Martin oversees 16 CDI specialists and serves on the system’s Patient Safety Indicator review committee.

      Vaughn Matacale, MD, CCDS, is the director of the physician advisor program at Vidant Health in Greenville, North Carolina. He is building a team of full-time physician and advanced licensed practitioners to provide DRG validation, coder and CDI specialist support, and systemwide medical staff education on CDI and its effect on finance and quality. Matacale served for 10 years as a utilization review consultant and has more than 10 years of experience in hospital medicine, which he continues to practice. He is a frequent speaker for ACDIS, a subject matter expert, and a member of the ACDIS Advisory Board.

      Shannon McCall, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CPC-I, CEMC, CRC, CCDS, CCDS-O, is the coding education director at HCPro, a Simplify Compliance brand based in Middleton, Massachusetts. In this role, she directs all the Certified Coder Boot Camp® programs, and she developed the Certified Coder Boot Camp®—Inpatient Version and the Evaluation and Management Boot Camp®. Most recently, she collaborated with the CDI team to develop the Risk Adjustment Documentation and Coding Boot Camp®, and she serves on the CCDS-O certification committee. Additionally, she works with hospitals, medical practices, and other healthcare providers on a range of coding-related issues, with a particular focus on education, coding reviews, and audits.

      Gerasimos Petratos, MD, is the director of analytics at Roche and Genentech in San Francisco. Dr. Petratos has introduced natural language processing to the field of clinical investigative trials, identifying patient profiles for personalized medicine protocols, and is now working to enhance the speed and quality of EHR data entry.

      Christopher Petrilli

      Christopher Petrilli, MD, SFHM, CCDS, is the CDI medical director at New York University Langone Health in New York City, where he also serves as an assistant professor for the department of medicine and the clinical lead of value-based management. He currently volunteers on the ACDIS Advisory Board.

      Kay Piper, RHIA, CDIP, CCS, is the inpatient coding educator at SSM Health System in St. Louis, where she provides education for coders in 17 hospitals. With 32 years of experience, she has created and presented on ICD-10 coding for several associations, in addition to creating monthly webinars for her hospital system. Piper is a three-time speaker for the Missouri ACDIS chapter and the recipient of several coding awards.

      Leigh Poland

      Leigh Poland, RHIA, CCS, is executive director for education at AGS Health. She has more than 20 years of coding experience. Prior to AGS Health, she was the corporate auditor/RAC coordinator for a major healthcare provider and has worked as coder, coding supervisor, and director of HIM in a 250-bed acute care facility. She has experience in an acute care setting, postacute care, behavioral health, and a physician-owned ambulatory surgery center. Poland has presented at AHIMA and has been a guest speaker on AHIMA webinars. Contact her at

      Eileen Pracz

      Eileen Pracz, RN, CCDS, is a CDI lead at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland. She has more than 25 years of nursing experience, with clinical background in cardiology, ambulatory care, wound care, utilization review, and case management. She began her CDI career In 2004. Pracz helped develop the OHSU CDI program and served as an original member of the core leadership team for the NW Oregon ACDIS chapter.

      Stacy Reck

      Stacy Reck, MBA, RHIA, CDIP, is the director of CDI and utilization review at Avera Health with responsibility for strategic and operational planning, design, implementation, and oversight of systemwide standardization of CDI and UR programs. With more than 15 years of experience in HIM, she has led initiatives including ICD-10 implementation, standardization including benchmarking, and system initiatives involving physician education. Reck is a member of the 2019–2020 ACDIS Leadership Council and currently serves on the SDHIMA board as director of education.

      Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore - On-Demand

      Learning Objectives

      • Identify COVID-19-related documentation integrity opportunities
      • Define CDI metrics related to MS-DRG capture
      • Implement CDI automation for process improvement
      • Understand the importance of CMS’ chronic conditions list for CDI progression
      • Incorporate mortality review processes into CDI program priorities
      • Identify core quality measure concerns affected by documentation integrity efforts
      • Implement data analytic techniques to improve CDI performance

      Next Steps: An ACDIS Encore - On-Demand


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