MS.01.01.01 Solutions Package

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MS.01.01.01 Solutions Package

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MS.01.01.01 Solutions Package: Strategies, Tools, and Analysis for Compliance

Need an MS.01.01.01 solution yesterday? Get The Greeley Company’s solution now.

MS.01.01.01 Solutions Package: Strategies, Tools, and Analysis for Complianceprovides straightforward, sustainable solutions to comply with the Joint Commission’s recently finalized MS.01.01.01 standard. For just $99, this downloadable document will help you:

  • Save time with sample bylaws language to address the key changes
  • Identify processes you should include in the medical staff bylaws
  • Facilitate direct communication between the medical staff and the board
  • Implement a fair process to resolve conflicts between the MEC and the medical staff

Don’t waste the many hours of time and effort it would take to draft compliant language on your own.

Take advantage of this simple solution to efficiently and effectively update your bylaws for MS.01.01.01 compliance and navigate the evolving relationship between the MEC, the board, and the organized medical staff. Download your copy today.

Need additional resources?

Recognizing that bylaws are not just words on a page, but a document that can cause conflict, resistance, and fear, The Greeley Company is available to help you:

  • Work through thorny bylaws issues
  • Implement the medical staff culture change that is necessary for success
  • Create state-of-the-art, regulatory compliant bylaws

Our physician consultants have helped hundreds of organizations improve communications, relationships, and culture, as well as create or revise their bylaws to be clear, concise, and compliant. Contact us today and learn how The Greeley Company can help you facilitate a culture of excellence and keep your bylaws and related documents up-to-date. To speak with a client relations representative, please call 888/749-3054 or e-mail