Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online

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Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online

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Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online

Course Overview

Move your CDI practice from query to collaboration

Are you looking for in-depth clinical documentation training? Do you want to take CDI discussion to the next level—moving beyond quoting buzzwords and reminding physicians to capture the next CC? If you do, this online boot camp is for you. It will increase your understanding, helping you move your CDI practice from query to collaboration.

The Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online focuses on key pathophysiological concepts that will improve the quality of clinical indicators used in provider queries. The practical material covered enhances critical thinking skills and prepares CDI specialists to be leaders in their field and communicate collaboratively with providers.

Goals of the boot camp

The Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online will:

  • Develop your understanding of key pathophysiological concepts
  • Demonstrate the quality of clinical indicators used when you query
  • Cultivate critical thinking skills for use with data involving complex clinical concepts
  • Demonstrate your ability to distinguish evidence-based clinical indicators from other data in the record

Clinical indicators are the current buzzword in the world of CDI and coding. We need these indicators to support our queries and defend the validity of documented diagnoses. The process of clinical validation calls all CDI specialists and coders to work with providers to ensure diagnoses are well supported within the record—merely documenting a diagnosis is not enough. Clinical indicators include patient presentation, symptoms and complaints, lab and diagnostic studies, and ordered treatments such as medications, interventions, monitoring, and assessments. These indicators can be found within nursing and ancillary staff documentation.

The Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online is designed to assist in the process of clinical validation. It examines a number of diagnoses commonly reviewed by CDI departments and scrutinized by auditors. It reviews diagnostic interpretations, signs and symptoms, and treatments and interventions to strengthen students’ knowledge and competence in record review. The concepts reviewed will help CDI specialists identify vague or missing diagnoses, boost their confidence when speaking to providers, and ensure adequate documentation within the record. The course features patient scenarios as discussion starters to better attendees’ understanding of a variety of clinical conditions that frequently pose challenges for CDI departments.

This course is not intended for new CDI specialists, as it does not focus on the process of record review and query, but rather on specific clinical conditions and their needed documentation. The boot camp is valuable for coding staff who wish to increase their clinical understanding of the records they review. Less experienced CDI professionals should take a look at the Clinical Documentation Improvement Boot Camp Online.

Benefits of online training

  • Test Your Knowledge questions that ensure students are learning the material as they study
  • AAPC, AHIMA, ANCC, CCMC, and ACCME CEUs to help maintain certification(s)
  • Consistent training for staff in multiple locations
  • Self-directed learning that lets students advance through the materials at their own pace and comfort level

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Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online


Below is the current course schedule for upcoming Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online classes.

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$1,249 for ACDIS members
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Class Dates

Registration Deadline

October 2017–December 2017 



November 2017–January 2018



December 2017–February 2018

12/4/2017 - 2/2/2018


Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online

Course Outline - Agenda

Course Modules 

  • Module 1: 
    • The Importance of Clinical Indicators in CDI Practice 
  • Module 2: 
    • MDC 18: Infectious & Parasitic Diseases 
  • Module 3: 
    • MDC 11: Diseases & Disorders of the Kidney & Urinary System 
  • Module 4: 
    • MDC 5: Diseases & Disorders of the Cardiovascular System 
  • Module 5: 
    • MDC 6: Diseases & Disorders of the Digestive System 
    • MDC 7: Diseases & Disorders of the Hepatobiliary System & Pancreas 
  • Module 6: 
    • MDC 16: Diseases & Disorders of the Blood 
    • MDC 17: Myeloproliferative Disorders & Neoplasms 
  • Module 7: 
    • MDC 4: Diseases & Disorders of the Respiratory System 
  • Module 8: 
    • MDC 8: Diseases & Disorders of the Musculoskeletal System and Connective Tissue 
  • Module 9: 
    • MDC 19: Mental Diseases & Disorders 
    • MDC 20: Alcohol/Drug Use 
  • Module 10: 
    • MDC 10: Endocrine, Nutritional, & Metabolic Diseases & Disorders 
  • Module 11: 
    • MDC 1: Diseases & Disorders of the Nervous System 

Course outline/agenda subject to change. 

Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this boot camp, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss clinical indicators associated with key findings of various organ failures
  • Differentiate between indicators that support an evidence-based clinical query and those that do not
  • Identify key lab imaging and physical assessment findings that suggest a more specific reportable diagnosis
  • Demonstrate advanced communication skills and ability to collaborate with providers

Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online

Continuing Education

Coming Soon!

Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online


Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online—How does it work?
You’ll receive the same content and instruction that you would experience at our classroom-based, nationally recognized boot camps. Here’s how it works:

  • 60-day access: View sessions, ensure understanding with questions that test your knowledge, and complete the final exam to obtain CEU credits.
  • 24-hour access: Modules are available at any time of day—you choose the time that works for you.
  • Ask the Expert: Email questions to our instructors. We try to answer all questions either via email or phone within two business days.

How long will the online content remain accessible after class ends?
The online portal location for your class sessions and materials will be available for 60 days from the class start date. 

Who is the class for?
Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online is aimed at intermediate to advanced CDI specialists. It is also designed for experienced coders looking to increase their clinical knowledge, as well as physicians looking for a refresher in CDI. 

This boot camp is not recommended for new CDI specialists as it does not concentrate on the process of CDI or the basics of reimbursement and MS-DRGs. If you have never had training on these concepts, then our foundational CDI Boot Camp is the program for you. Similarly, physicians seeking to learn the fundamentals of CDI would likely benefit more from that basic course.

Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online also doubles as a refresher course for anyone who had formal training prior to ICD-10 implementation. It includes many of the key changes to coding guidelines and Coding Clinic advice under ICD-10. Think of it as a two-for-one—a course with a focus on pathophysiology and a review of what you’ve already learned.

Are there any prerequisites?
The Boot Camp is intended for students who have already taken basic CDI training: either on the job or in a general CDI specialist course. 

The material presented is at an intermediate level and assumes students have a baseline understanding of DRGs, coding guidelines, and basic query opportunities.

Who should take this course?

  • CDI specialists, CDI supervisors, CDI managers/directors
  • Inpatient coders, coding supervisors, coding managers/directors
  • HIM managers/directors
  • DRG coordinators
  • Coding compliance specialists, coding compliance supervisors/managers/directors
  • Quality improvement professionals, quality department managers/directors
  • Utilization review/case management managers/directors
  • Revenue cycle managers/directors

Is there a discount for ACDIS members?
ACDIS members save $150 off the registration fee. Call 800-650-6787 to receive your special discount rate or sign up to become an ACDIS member today!

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Does HCPro offer this boot camp as an on-site course?
In addition to our open registration courses, we also offer the boot camp as an on-site program (with a substantial discount) for organizations that have a number of employees who need training. For more information on hosting an on-site, call 800-780-0584 or click on "Train Groups On-Site."

What if I need to cancel or transfer my registration?
Please click here to view our cancellation policy.

How do I get more information?
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Mastering Clinical Concepts in CDI Boot Camp Online


Laurie L. Prescott, MSN, RN, CCDS, CDIP, CRC
Laurie L. Prescott, MSN, RN, CCDS, CDIP, CRC, is the CDI education direc­tor with the Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS) and HCPro. Prescott serves as a full-time instructor for the CDI Boot Camp as well as a subject matter expert for ACDIS. She is a frequent speaker on HCPro/ACDIS webinars and is author of The Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialist’s Complete Training Guide. She started her nursing career in 1985 as a graduate of the University of Vermont School of Nurs­ing. Since that time she has worked at a variety of organizations, including academic, large, and small community hospitals. She has worked in a number of nursing roles, including as manager in the areas of medical/surgical, ICU, PACU, and endoscopy. Her experience also includes specialization as a compli­ance officer. 

Sharme Brodie, RN, CCDS
Sharme Brodie, RN, CCDS, is a CDI education specialist with HCPro. Brodie serves as a full-time instructor for the CDI Boot Camp as well as a subject matter expert for ACDIS. Her CDI experience includes a background in con­sulting in which she provided program reviews and training to medical staffs, including physician education at various healthcare facilities. 

Allen Frady, RN, BSN, CCDS, CCS
Allen Frady, RN, BSN, CCDS, CCS, is a CDI educator at HCPro and ACDIS, where he teaches CDI boot camps and serves as a subject matter expert. He is an accomplished consultant with a background in coding and documentation. His experience includes 12 years as a coding consultant, two years as a coding director at the Medical College of Georgia, and six years as a CDI consultant. His nursing experience includes work as a case manager and in cardiovascular care in ICU and telemetry.


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