Make the Right Call

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Make the Right Call: Ethics Training in Corporate Compliance

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Make the Right Call: Ethics Training in Corporate Compliance

Before you have compliance, you have to have ethics

Without a proper training tool, compliance officers can miss the opportunity to address specific standards outlined in their hospital’s code of conduct and provide the solid training employees need to conduct themselves appropriately.

Make the Right Call: Ethics Training in Corporate Compliance is a 15-minute video that presents scenarios that might play out in any healthcare organization. These scenarios raise ethical questions that providers and employees face every day. Each scenario includes discussion questions about the scene, offering trainers a chance to engage employees in meaningful discussions.

Would your staff know what to do if:

·  a patient offers a gift?
·  a vendor purchases lunch for the office?
·  someone suggests they bend the rules to get Medicare to provide coverage?
·  an employee blog raises privacy concerns?

These and other scenarios provide opportunities to lead ethics-related discussions while you demonstrate to employees that a sound ethics program is critical to your organization’s success.

Ethics training is a vital component any compliance program and a recommendation of the OIG’s Compliance Program Guidance for Hospitals. Ethics training can also be vital to helping healthcare facilities fulfill their missions .

Bonus materials

Your copy of Make the Right Call includes a CD-ROM that provides tools to accompany the video and streamline your ethics training. These materials include:

  • Training guidelines with discussion questions pertaining to each video scenario
  • Sample quiz questions on healthcare codes of conduct that employees can answer by referring to your facility’s code of conduct
  • A tool to track which employees receive training

The Make the Right Call video training package covers the following topics:

  • Confidentiality
  • False Claims Act compliance
  • Gift giving from vendors
  • Kickbacks
  • Use of electronic equipment and the Internet

It gives employees opportunies to think about how they would react in potentially compromising situations. Group discussions ensure that employees consider difficult-to-handle situations before they occur.

An investment in ethics training now will ensure your employees make the right decisions in the months and years ahead.