Infection Control Training Video for Dietary Services

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Infection Control Training Video for Dietary Services

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Infection Control Training Video for Dietary Services:
Keep Staff and Patients Healthy 

Effective infection control training made specifically for your dietary staff

Your dietary staff plays a critical role in preventing the spread of infection in your facility. By following good hygiene practices and proper food handling rules, your dietary staff can help prevent foodborne illness, protecting patients, visitors, and staff.

Hospitals are continually challenged to provide fast and effective infection control (IC) training that stands up to various regulatory standards.

In fact health and safety standards and regulations from The Joint Commission, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration require hospitals to have a clean, sanitary kitchen and ensure that staff follows the guidelines for good hygiene practices. Dietary staff must know about infection control details that range from the importance of proper handwashing, to maintaining proper food temperatures, to properly cleaning and sanitizing equipment.

The failure to understand how to handle these important infection control food preparation issues could put your patient’s health in jeopardy.

But in just 15 minutes, this training video gives your dietary staff simple strategies on the do’s and don’ts for proper IC practices when handling food. You’ll find an English and Spanish version of the video conveniently located on one DVD. Whether your dietary staff members work in the kitchen or out on the units, they will find this video easy-to-follow and understand regardless of their educational background.

In addition to the 15-minute video, you also get a BONUS CD-ROM with:

  • A sample IC policy for dietary services that you can customize to fit your facility’s needs
  • A quiz in English and Spanish to document training in order to comply with state and federal regulators
  • Posters in both English and Spanish that offer IC tips for hand washing, protecting food from contamination, keeping surfaces and equipment clean, and separating raw and cooked foods—that serve as a constant reminder of correct IC practices

Who should buy this video:

Infection control managers, infection control directors, environmental services, nurse supervisors, safety directors, risk managers and HR managers

Your dietary staff is vital in preventing the spread of infection as well as keeping people safe from foodborne illnesses. Give them fast and useful training that stands up to regulatory scrutiny and sustains a safe environment for your patients and staff.