Infection Control During Construction

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Infection Control During Construction

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Infection Control During Construction


Is your hospital getting ready for a construction project? If so, how will you ensure that the project doesn't increase the chance of infection among your patients?

You know how many potential infection control risks a construction project poses in your hospital. But don't expect construction teams that are scheduled to work in your facility to already be aware of the risks and take the proper precautions to protect your patients. It's up to you to teach them!

Infection Control During Construction: A Health Care Construction Crew Training Video provides you with the perfect solution. It's a quick training tool you can use to teach construction workers about the important role they play in keeping your facility safe for patients who are vulnerable to infection. And it's a good way to show that your hospital takes infection control seriously—and that they must, too!

Learn by example: We walk viewers through a mock construction area

Most people learn best—and remember what they've learned—through demonstration. That's why this engaging, 15-minute video features a cast of the typical people involved with a construction project in a hospital—including a construction project manager and various construction workers. It depicts crew members carrying out activities that could potentially contaminate patient care areas and lead to life-threatening infections. Each person explains and demonstrates the simple steps they take to make sure that contamination doesn't happen.

Infection Control During Construction: A Health Care Construction Crew Training Video walks the viewer through the following critical areas of infection control during construction. Through each scene, viewers learn about simple, specific ways to make sure they don't accidentally contaminate the areas of the hospital beyond the construction site:

2004 Telly Award Winner

  • Containment of the job site: Ensure that the crew follows the motto "What comes in, stays in," by taking the proper measures to prevent dust and other contaminants from being released into areas outside the construction site.
  • Entry and egress of the work site: Avoid the risk of crew members unintentionally dragging dirt and debris that's attached to their shoes and clothes from the site into other areas of the hospital.
  • Containment and transport of construction materials: Every piece of construction equipment and material—even if it's brand new—carries the risk of causing infection, so it's important to contain them when they're transported outside the construction site.
  • Disinfection of construction workers: Crew members must take precautions to make sure they don't bring contaminants that are on their clothes outside the work site.
  • Clean up of the work site: After construction is completed, it's imperative to use the proper equipment and procedures to clean the work area to ensure there are no lingering contaminants at the work site.

The reviews?

After watching Infection Control During Construction: A Health Care Construction Crew Training Video, the construction team walks away with a commitment to playing their part in ensuring patient safety in your hospital. After just 15 minutes, they understand the simple, yet critical, steps they can take to make sure that what they do won't increase the likelihood of patient infections.

25 "quick reference" laminated cards included!

To reinforce what viewers learned, Infection Control During Construction: A Health Care Construction Crew Training Video also includes 25 copies of a laminated card that reviews the key points that the video covered. It's a great way to give the construction team a convenient, effective way to make sure that what they're doing on site is supporting your infection control initiatives.

Our video advisor

Steve MacArthur is a safety consultant in the Accreditation and Regulatory Compliance Division at The Greeley Company (TGC). He is responsible for conducting on-site safety assessment and educational programs, survey preparation for safety leaders, development of comprehensive programs related to the environment of care and various other consulting /professional services. Mr. MacArthur consults and lectures on Joint Commission Environment of Care standards, OSHA, EPA, DEP, DPH, and performance improvement activities. He works with hospitals, ambulatory care, long term care, home care, behavioral health, and physician practice services in preparing for and responding to Joint Commission accreditation and OSHA compliance.

Prior to joining The Greeley Company, Mr. MacArthur was the Manager of Safety and Security Services at Brockton Hospital in Brockton, Massachusetts. He spent twenty-three years there and was responsible for the administrative and fiscal direction of the safety and security departments. He was also responsible for the hospital's compliance with the Joint Commission, OSHA, EPA and various other local, state and federal regulatory agencies.

Mr. MacArthur has certificates in Safety Management from the New England Hospital Assembly and in The Indoor Environment: Interpreting Data, Implementing Control Strategies, and Communicating Risk from the Harvard School of Public Health. He is a member of the International Association for Healthcare Safety and Security.