Industry Survey 2014: Forging Healthcare's New Financial Foundation: Premium Buying Powe

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Industry Survey 2014: Forging Healthcare's New Financial Foundation: Premium Buying Power

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Intelligence Report Premium, January 2014

The next 12 months may be the most transformative in the history of the healthcare industry. This report provides timely insights from our Intelligence Unit and top industry executives into the evolving attitudes of healthcare leaders—and the clinical, financial, and alignment moves they’re making today to successfully negotiate the coming shift from volume to value.

In this NEW report, gain insights into key strategies and spending plans, such as the following:

  • How are top organizations preparing for bundled payments, risk sharing, and the development of new analytics skills needed to drive population health management?
  • What specific clinical, alignment, and financial strategies are today’s leaders pursuing to pave the way for collaborative care?
  • How is your organization progressing in the volume-to-value transition compared to other leading providers?
  • Why don’t more than one-quarter of healthcare leaders (28%) expect the volume-to-value shift to occur?
  • Why do nearly half (44%) of healthcare leaders cite physician-hospital alignment as their top improvement area to reach financial targets?
  • What are the most challenging barriers to physician-hospital alignment and how do you overcome them?
  • Which operational tactics still deliver value—and what new areas are leading providers investing in?
  • Which clinical quality improvement challenges worry leaders the most?

This month’s report includes:

  • Analysis and key takeaways from advisors drawn from our HealthLeaders Media Council
  • Recommendations from the HealthLeaders Media research team
  • A meeting guide to share with your organization

This report is part of HealthLeaders' Intelligence Report Premium Buying Power series, the premier source for original, timely data on healthcare purchasing trends and projections drawn from surveys of more than 7,000 healthcare leaders–plus independent expert analysis and real-world case studies.

What's that worth to your business? Consider these facts:

  • 90% of our 7,000 member research panel influence the purchase of your products and services
  • They average $125 million of spend influence

Turn to Intelligence Report Premium Buying Power to find out what healthcare executives are thinking and:

  • Target influencers by market size, region, setting, and organizational size
  • Size up current market trends in healthcare purchasing
  • Identify emerging sales opportunities
  • Track the latest trends and best practices in healthcare delivery
  • Access in-depth data directly related to each healthcare product and service segment
  • Gauge the purchasing behavior of different segments and regions of the healthcare market
  • Create more targeted and effective marketing, sales, and business development strategies

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