ICD-10 Coding and Physician Language

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ICD-10 Coding and Physician Language (packs of 25)

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This product is sold in packs of 25.

ICD-10 Coding and Physician Language: Strategies for Complete Documentation, Third Edition


Gloryanne Bryant, BS, RHIA, RHIT, CCS, CCDS

Sold in packages of 25 copies!

Written by highly respected coding expert Gloryanne Bryant, RHIA, CDIP,  CCS, CCDS, this handbook provides the information coders and CDI  professionals need to ensure physician documentation meets the ICD-10  specificity requirements necessary for accurate and compliant coding. It will help coders and CDI staff better understand what to look for in documentation and how to query physicians more effectively. 

The third edition has been updated to help ease the transition to ICD-10, which  provides greater specificity than ICD-9 and will require far more specific documentation in the medical record.

Each order includes 25 copies of this handbook to ensure that every coder and clinical documentation specialist receives a copy of this user-friendly resource.   

Table of Contents:

Introduction Documentation Communication and Physician Queries Severity and Risk of Mortality ICD-10 Regulatory Scrutiny ICD-10 Coding Guidelines Acute Myocardial Infarction Adverse Effects of Medications Alcohol and Substance Use and Abuse Anemia Atherosclerotic  Coronary Artery Disease and Angina Body Mass Index Chest Pain and Angina Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Coma Comfort Care or Palliative Care Comorbidities Coronary Artery Disease Delirium Dementia Fracture Reduction of Femur Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage or Bleed Heart Failure Hyperglycemia Hypertension Low Anterior Resection Malignancies and Neoplasms Malnutrition Obesity Pneumonia Postoperative Complications Pulmonary Edema Renal Failure Respiratory Failure Seizures Sepsis Stroke or Cerebrovascular Accident Symptoms Syncope Trauma Summary

What’s New:

This handbook contains information about ICD-10 documentation requirements and  coding.

About the Author: Gloryanne Bryant is a sought-after national speaker and author on healthcare  compliance, reimbursement, clinical documentation improvement, and coding  regulations. With more than 30 years of experience in health information  management (HIM), she serves as a catalyst for change and improvement in HIM  and healthcare.

Bryant is the national director of coding quality,  education, systems, and support for the national revenue cycle of Kaiser Permanente  and national revenue cycle co-lead of ICD-10 coding education and training.  Based in Oakland, Calif., Bryant is also an advisor to clinical documentation  improvement programs and staff.

Published: December 2013