Hospice Aide On-the-Go In-Service Series, Volume 3

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Hospice Aide On-the-Go In-Service Series, Volume 3

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Hospice Aide On-the-Go In-Service Series, Volume 3

Author: Jennifer Kennedy, MA, BSN, CHC

Each year, hospice aides must fulfill the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) requirement to complete 12 hours of in-service training. Help your aides easily meet this requirement with Hospice Aide On-the-Go In-Service Series, Volume 3. This new volume comprises 12 comprehensive lessons on the timeliest topics in hospice care to deliver the education hospice aides need to satisfy CMS’ annual in-service training requirement and address current industry issues.

Hospices can use the complete set of lessons to provide an entire year of thorough training for their aides.

Each lesson contains a lesson planning guide, an attendance sheet, and a test to ensure comprehension. The lessons are designed for self-study and/or classroom use, offering the flexibility to train in any setting and allowing aides to learn at their own pace.

This book provides:

  • The education hospice aides need to satisfy CMS’ annual 12-hour in-service training requirement
  • One-hour lessons, each containing a comprehensive fact sheet that includes an overview of relevant subject matter, a descriptive case study, supplemental learning activities, and a 10-question posttest to measure aides’ comprehension of the topic
  • Interactive lesson components to facilitate discussion and help educators increase and assess aides’ knowledge
  • A practical format that includes ready-to-copy pages for every lesson, attendance logs, and certificates of completion that can be modified for each participant
  • Single-site reproduction rights that allow hospices to reuse the lessons again and again

Table of Contents

Hospice Aide On-the-Go In-Service Series, Volume 3 will include lessons on the following topics:

1) Accountability and Professionalism
2) Caring for Bedbound Patients
3) Caring for Patients who Demonstrate Difficult Behaviors
4) Caring for Patients with Cancer
5) Caring for Patients with Dyspnea
6) Caring for Patients with Heart Disease
7) Communicating with the Families of Dying Patients
8) Managing Seizures and End Stage Stroke
9) Promoting Safe and Effective ADL Performance
10) Stress Management for Hospice Aides on the Go
11) Understanding Clostridium Difficile
12) Working on an Interdisciplinary Team

About the Author

Jennifer Kennedy, MA, BSN, RN, CHC, is the director of regulatory and compliance for the National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO).  She has nearly 30 years of experience as a leader and nurse in diverse healthcare settings in numerous areas of the United States, and has served at the director level for several prominent national and regional healthcare organizations. She has worked in hospice care for the last 16+ years and with NHPCO for eight years. Kennedy has a BSN and a dual master’s in case management and health counseling; currently, she is working on her doctoral degree in healthcare policy and education. She speaks at national and state conferences, writes articles for trade association journals, and develops educational programs, resources, and products for hospice and palliative care providers. Kennedy is a certified healthcare compliance professional, a legal nurse consultant, and a peer nurse reviewer for the Home Health Nurse Journal.

Endorsed by NHPCO

“In my many years as a CEO of hospice programs, I’ve learned firsthand the critical importance of hiring qualified and committed aides. I have often felt that the aides were, in fact, the hands, eyes, and ears of the hospice team. They were often in the home more often and developed a special relationship with their patients. Hospice Aide On-the-Go In-Service Series, Volume 3, is an excellent primer for training hospice aides in developing their competence in caring for a wide range of dying patients and offering support to their families. It offers practical and clinical advice that enables aides to increase their abilities in a thoughtful and clear manner. It is a must for all hospice clinical managers.”

- J. Donald Schumacher, PsyD
President and CEO
National Hospice & Palliative Care Organization

Published: March 2015

Page count: 226
Dimensions: 8.5x11
ISBN: 978-1-55645-343-4