Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Answers, 2017

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Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Answers, 2017

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Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Answers, 2017

The 17-year total overhaul of CMS’ Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) is complete – and when the final rule is released, it will introduce four new categories and a raft of new standards your agency is not prepared to face. Significant adjustments to processes and resources will be required to comply with CoPs for:

  • Patient Rights
  • Care Planning
  • Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI)
  • Infection and Prevention Control

To help you navigate these new categories and standards, DecisionHealth has created 
Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Answers, 2017.  It’s the only resource you have to help you rapidly get up to speed, implement new processes and avoid hefty CMS penalties at your next survey.

Broken into 6 sections, this resource will systematically walk you through the intent behind the overhaul and the key initiatives CMS has prioritized, ensuring you have the context you need to achieve alignment and compliance as you lead your agency through its change effort.

Sections dedicated to each of the four new CoP categories, with expert guidance and tips to help you put specific changes to staffing, resources, data collection, etc, will arm you with the specific know-how to build and implement your new compliance plan.

To give you an understanding of the depth of information and actionable guidance you’ll find within, here’s a sneak peek at the QAPI section:

  • How the CoPs change QAPI
  • Costs associated with QAPI
  • Choose a QAPI target that will improve your 5-star rating
  • Use QAPI to position your agency for value-based bonuses
  • How to prepare for QAPI/The main components of a QAPI program 
  • What qualities should an agency seek in a quality manager?
  • What data should a QAPI program track/analyze? 
  • What the CoPs eliminate regarding quality [No more professional advisory groups]
  • Key employees for QAPI projects, staffing
  • Quality-related citations
  • Reducing readmission rates
  • Other bodies’ changes regarding quality

You’ll also receive sample forms, interactive planning documents, step-by-step instructions, algorithms and formulas, templates, benchmarking data and more.

Home Health Conditions of Participation (CoPs) Answers, 2017 is more than just a reference guide – it’s an all-encompassing plan of attack.  Armed with the knowledge and the tools to navigate CMS’ total overhaul of the Conditions of Participation, you can hit the ground running to ensure you emerge from your next survey unscathed.  Plus, after using this book to create your industry-leading quality improvement program, a 5-star agency rating and value-based bonus payments will be in your sights.  Don’t delay – order your copy today!

Published: December 30, 2016