HIPAA Privacy and Security: Executive, Administrative, and Corporate Staff

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HIPAA Privacy and Security: Executive, Administrative, and Corporate Staff

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HIPAA Privacy and Security: Executive, Administrative, and Corporate Staff

This course explains the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) privacy and security rules as applicable and relevant to executive, administrative, and corporate staff. It also addresses the HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule published in the Federal Register January 25, 2013 that finalized the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act’s modifications to the HIPAA privacy, security, breach notification and enforcement final rules. Access the final rule at http://tinyurl.com/auulp25.

Features and benefits of this course include:

  • Testing, remediation, and case studies provide feedback on whether learners are applying policies and regulations correctly.
  • “Test Your Knowledge” exercises check learner understanding at every step.
  • Second-year “refresher” series are available for ongoing annual refresher education needs.
  • Role-specific case scenarios apply regulations to real-life settings and ask learners how a situation should be handled. At the end of each scenario, users learn the appropriate way to react to the given situation.
  • Video-based scenarios show the “wrong way” and “right way” to handle a situation, increasing student engagement.
  • Design and audio narration offers different ways to navigate through the course so students are guided through interaction, not simple reading.
  • A certificate of completion allows you to prove that employees successfully completed training.

 1 hour 2 minutes

HIPAA Privacy and Security: Executive, Administrative, and Corporate Staff
Course Objectives

  • Describe how the HITECH Act affects covered entities and business associates
  • Summarize how to protect patient privacy and confidentiality while effectively performing your job
  • Explain patient rights for accessing their medical information
  • Determine whether disclosures of protected health information (PHI) are acceptable
  • Protect confidential health information by following proper security procedures both in the organization and off-site
  • Create effective passwords to protect electronic information
  • Follow proper procedures for obtaining patient authorization before sending marketing promotions
  • Help prevent identity theft by following the Red Flags Rule
  • Identify which information you may obtain without patient authorization for fundraising efforts

HIPAA Privacy and Security: Executive, Administrative, and Corporate Staff
Contributor Bio

Chris Apgar, CISSP, President and CEO

Chris Apgar, CISSP, CEO and president of Apgar & Associates, LLC and former HIPAA Compliance officer for Providence Health Plans, is a nationally recognized expert and educational instructor on information security, privacy, HIPAA, the HITECH Act, state privacy law and electronic health information exchange.

Chris served for eight years as a member of the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) Board of Directors. He is co-chair of the WEDI Regional Affiliates Workgroup and the HIE Workgroup. He is the secretary and member of the Oregon & S.W. Washington Healthcare, Privacy and Security Forum Board of Directors and has been a member for the past thirteen years. On a local level, Chris develops and conducts educational webinars for the Oregon Medical Association (OMA), assisting physicians and other medical professionals with privacy and security and regulatory compliance.

His clients range from small to large health plans, physician groups and hospitals, healthcare clearinghouses, vendors, non-profits, government agencies, and healthcare associations.