HCAHPS Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers

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HCAHPS Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers

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HCAHPS Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers

Carrie Brady, JD, MA    

Anyone can view your HCAHPS scores right now.

Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) spells worry for many hospitals. Reporting to HCAHPS is necessary for full Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Serivces (CMS) reimbursement, but can weigh heavily on the minds of hospitals leaders because it publicly displays perceived patient satisfaction for everyone to see. Study after study shows ample room for improvement at many facilities. Is your organization's reputation on the line?

HCAHPS success is linked to patient satisfaction, employee satisfaction and retention, physician satisfaction, and profitability, and has become a business driver for hospitals. How will you ensure your hospital's HCAHPS survey data is in good light?

HCAHPS Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers includes:

  • Clear explanations of CMS expectations for HCAHPS
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the survey for best results, including choosing a vendor
  • A time-saving CD-ROM containing the HCAHPS survey, useful resources, and presentation
  • Tips to effectively report your HCAHPS information
  • Advice on how to use HCAHPS data for performance improvement
  • Methods to compare your facility to others
  • Helpful case studies that provide real-world examples
  • Advice on how to make patient satisfaction a priority

Take an active approach to improving patient satisfaction through reporting.

HCAHPS Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers is a straightforward, jargon-free handbook that breaks down the essentials of HCAHPS. It describes what the survey is, how to conduct the survey for best results, and how to use HCAHPS results to improve patient care and satisfaction. This concise resource highlights the keys to success in other facilities and shows how their quality improvements may be implemented in your facility as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

Answer important questions.

HCAHPS Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers is the resource you need not only to survive, but thrive in an HCAHPS world.  HCAHPS Basics tackles questions asked by many hospital leaders, such as:

  • Why is the HCAHPS data important?
  •  How does HCAHPS support other key organizational goals?
  • How do we monitor data submissions? Should we use a vendor?
  • How can I ensure that the HCAHPS data is submitted accurately so the hospital will receive the full CMS payment?

All-in-one succinct and easy-to-reference book!

HCAHPS Basics: A Resource Guide for Healthcare Managers is a single source for vital HCAHPS survey and vendor information, tips from leading hospitals, vendors, government agencies, and much more.

Written by an expert.

Carrie Brady, JD, MA, is vice president of quality for Planetree, a network of more than 140 hospitals and other healthcare providers working together to advance patient-centered care. Brady, a member of the National CAHPS Benchmarking Database Advisory Group, has coordinated two statewide pilot-tests of the HCAHPS survey, developing one of the first patient safety organizations in the nation, and designing a public reporting program for Connecticut hospitals.

Check out the Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - What is HCAHPS?
Chapter 2 - Why HCAHPS Matters
Chapter 3 - HCAHPS Survey Process Basics
Chapter 4 – Demystifying the Pubic Reporting Process
Chapter 5 – Dancing with HCAHPS Data
Chapter 6 – Common Pitfalls to Avoid
Chapter 7 – Case Studies
Chapter 8 – Future of CAHPS Surveys
Appendix A: HCAHPS Survey
Appendix B: Important Resources
Appendix C: HCAHPS Overview PowerPoint Presentation

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Published: June 2009