Ethics for Residents: A Training Tool to Build Confidence and Competency

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Ethics for Residents: A Training Tool to Build Confidence and Competency

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The ACGME advocates the inclusion of medical ethics into the residency curriculum.

However, incorporating ethics into residency training poses significant challenges. Programs may not have faculty who possess formal training in the teaching of ethics, or their training may not have specifically addressed medical ethics.

The ACGME has also linked ethics to the core competencies.

Of the six core competencies, professionalism, practice-based learning, and communication have all been linked to ethics. Residency program directors and GME professionals have been charged with the task of teaching and assessing these competencies and ethics for medical residents.

Provide residents with the tools and training to competently address ethical challenges.

Ethics for Residents is a training video that provides the perfect support for a comprehensive ethics training program in graduate medical education. This essential resource for residency programs:

  • Improves residents’ competence in the areas of professionalism, practice-based learning, and interpersonal communication
  • Provides residency programs with a clear and concise training tool
  • Alleviates pressure on the graduate medical education program to develop training tools in-house
  • Presents relevant, real-life examples that residents can model
  • Breaks down complex ethics issues into understandable, practical information
  • Supports the residency programs structured curriculum in ethics as required by the ACGME
  • Provides an ethics training solution developed by a nationally recognized ethics expert

This video shows residents how to handle difficult scenarios by depicting short, relatable, believable patient and colleague encounters. These case-based scenarios demonstrate a clear and consistent message to residents across all specialties, providing practical support to any program’s ethics curriculum.

You can play the video in its entirety, or select sections to meet a specific need. Menu options include:

    1. End of life conversations
    2. Informed consent
    3. Truth telling
    4. Breaking bad news
    5. Collaborative learning and teamwork

Lack of guidance can leave residents unprepared.

Conduct expectations are often touched on during resident orientation. However, if the program fails to provide additional guidance regarding such expectations, residents can be caught unprepared to handle ethically challenging situations. This video can be used during orientation as well as throughout resident training to:

  • Teach residents to effectively address challenging ethics issues
  • Meet the ACGME requirements for a structured ethics curriculum
  • Build residents' skill and confidence to deal with difficult patient care issues such as
    • full disclosure
    • informed consent
    • and end-of-life conversations

Who will benefit?

  • Residency program director
  • Designated institutional official
  • Graduate medical education coordinator
  • Residency program coordinator
  • GME administrator
  • GME committee members and leadership
  • Director of medical education

Give your residents the key information and strategies they need to navigate these tough issues. Order today!