Ergonomics (Online Learning): A Healthcare Management Resource

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HCPro’s Ergonomics online learning course identifies the most common ergonomic stressors, such as back/neck, eye strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, computer work station, and lifting/moving patients, and demonstrates techniques to avoid injury. Designed for all employees in medical and dental facilities, the course shows how proper application of ergonomic techniques can benefit employees and minimize work-related injuries. Students will learn how to identify stressors that lead to occupational injuries and employ positive work techniques.


Learning Objectives

  • Define ergonomics and how proper application can benefit your medical facility.
  • Summarize stressors that cause occupational injuries.
  • Employ positive work techniques to minimize stress on joints and muscles.
  • Devise methods to alleviate eyestrain during work hours.
  • Distinguish proper computer workstation settings that will minimize work-related injuries.
  • Demonstrate proper lifting techniques.
  • Adapt work practices when moving patients to reduce work-related injuries.


Why HCPro eLearning?

Features of HCPro’s Online OSHA Training Courses: 

  • Revised to include the required GHS updates
  • Video scenarios that demonstrate how to comply with OSHA standards
  • Many courses include downloadable resources to help safety officers or managers further educate employees and identify gaps in required OSHA plans or training
  • “Test Your Knowledge” questions throughout the course act as knowledge pit stops to ensure students are mastering the information
  • Audio presentation to keep staff engaged

Benefits of of HCPro’s Online OSHA Training Courses:

  • Convenient online format allows staff to train at their own pace and on their own schedule
  • Track employees’ progress and demonstrate OSHA compliance
  • Validate employees’ proficiency in each topic with final exams
  • Interactive design and audio narration keeps students engaged
  • Save money: With our bulk-pricing option, the more you train, the less you pay
  • Training is suited for all settings, including acute care hospitals, and ambulatory centers