Drug Diversion in Healthcare: Improve Security and Avoid Fines - On-Demand

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Drug Diversion in Healthcare: Improve Security and Avoid Fines - On-Demand

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Drug Diversion in Healthcare: Improve Security and Avoid Fines - On-Demand

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Presented on: 
Thursday, April 21, 2016

Presented by: 
Kimberly New, JD

Failed drug diversion programs in hospitals have led to record fines levied against facilities. Preventing theft of controlled substances at hospitals is also of high importance and continues to be an issue even with increased security measures. In the midst of heightened scrutiny over drug security, hospitals must improve their processes to avoid litigation.

During this on-demand program, expert speaker Kimberly New, JD, will discuss drug diversion by healthcare personnel and present specific steps facilities can take to minimize the risk of patient harm. She will discuss fundamental components of a diversion prevention, detection, and response program through an overview of the scope of the problem, including case studies. New will also review regulatory standards and best practices relating to controlled substance security and diversion responses. She will additionally provide tips on how to promote a culture in which all employees play a significant role in the deterrence effort. 

At the conclusion of this on-demand program, participants will be able to: 

  • Identify risk factors and signs of employee drug diversion 
  • Fully comply with regulatory requirements of the DEA and other accrediting organizations 
  • Train staff on how to report suspected abuse and who to report it to 
  • Create a culture of accountability and develop an effective drug diversion prevention plan 


  • Drug diversion and why it is on the rise 
    • Statistics 
    • Recent situations of concern, including disease outbreaks and record fines from U.S. regulators 
    • History of drug diversion 
  • How/why is this becoming such a problem? 
    • Recognizing when your security needs to be strengthened—facilities are responsible, yet security efforts are lax in many places 
    • Over-prescription and other factors that make it difficult to detect and track drug diversion 
    • Ramifications of this situation, such as disease outbreaks, rising medication and insurance costs, liability, and risk of lawsuits 
    • Addressing the problem of interstate “staff jumping” to different facilities to satisfy drug needs and avoid detection 
  • Regulation and prevention 
    • DEA—what is required and how are they tracking you? 
    • Joint Commission compliance 
    • Medication tracking/background checks/drug testing 
    • Audits and electronic dispersion and tracking measures 
  • Staff training and prevention 
    • Recognizing signs of a drug diversion problem 
    • Training staff to recognize when a colleague may have a problem 
    • Creating a culture of accountability—making staff comfortable with reporting suspicions 
    • Disciplinary actions—dealing with a suspected drug diversion issue 
  • Q&A (not live) 

Who Should Attend 

  • Safety officers 
  • Security officers 
  • Emergency nurses 
  • Administrators 
  • Facility supervisors 
  • Physicians 
  • Laboratory specialists and staff 
  • Pharmacists 

Meet the Speaker 

Kimberly New, JD, is a nurse, attorney, and consultant who specializes in helping hospitals prevent, detect, and respond to drug diversion. She was formerly a compliance specialist at the University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville, where she was in charge of controlled substance surveillance, diversion detection, and regulatory reporting. New regularly consults on issues of controlled substance security and DEA regulatory compliance, and helps healthcare facilities set up and expand their drug diversion programs with the goal of protecting patients, staff, and facilities from the harm frequently associated with diversion.

Webinar system requirements and program materials:
To fully benefit from the webinar experience, please note you will need a computer equipped with the following:

Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, with JavaScript enabled
Internet: 56K or faster Internet connection (high-speed connection recommended) 
Streaming: for audio/video streaming, Adobe Flash plug-in or Safari browser on iOS devices

Prior to the webinar, you will receive an email with detailed system requirements, your login information, presentation slides, and other materials that you can print and distribute to all attendees at your location.

No problem. The On-Demand version is also available. Use it as a training tool at your convenience—whenever your new or existing staff need a refresher or need to understand a new concept. Play it once or dozens of times. A $199 value! 

Please note 
Participation in this webinar is just $199 per site. All materials must be retrieved from the Internet. 

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