Corporate Compliance eLearning Library

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Corporate Compliance eLearning Library

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HCPro’s Corporate Compliance Online Learning Library will ensure your staff knows how to report and respond to risks.
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Corporate Compliance eLearning Library


HCPro’s Corporate Compliance Online Learning Library will ensure your staff knows how to report and respond to risks. 

HCPro’s Corporate Compliance Online Learning Library covers essential topics your employees need to be compliant with federal and state laws and regulations. Courses provide:

  • Easy-to-understand explanations and practical advice to prevent violations of the False Claims Act, Stark Law, HIPAA, anti-kickback statute, False Claims Act, Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act, and more 
  • Descriptions of the role and importance of compliance programs in hospitals
  • Guidelines for reporting suspected acts of fraud or regulatory violations
  • Outline of whistleblower protections
  • Strategies to ensure compliance

The courses in the Corporate Compliance Online Learning Library are tailored for each audience in your facility so that each employee gets the education needed to maintain compliance.

The library includes the following courses:

  • Corporate Compliance for Coders, Billers, and the HIM Staff
  • Corporate Compliance for Nurses and Clinical Staff
  • Corporate Compliance for Nutrition, Environmental Services, and Volunteer Staff
  • Corporate Compliance for Physicians
  • Corporate Compliance for the Executive, Administrative, and Corporate Staff
  • Corporate Compliance for the Registration and Front Office Staff

Corporate Compliance eLearning Library

Learning Objectives

The Corporate Compliance Online Learning Library will enable learners to:

  • Describe their roles in compliance
  • Define fraud and abuse
  • Identify the elements of a compliance program
  • Recognize compliance violations

Corporate Compliance eLearning Library

Why HCPro eLearning?

Features and benefits of HCPro eLearning:

  • Testing, remediation, and case studies provide feedback on whether learners are applying policies and regulations correctly.
  • “Test Your Knowledge” exercises check learner understanding at every step.
  • Second-year “refresher” series are available for ongoing annual refresher education needs.
  • Role-specific case scenarios apply regulations to real-life settings and ask learners how a situation should be handled. At the end of each scenario, users learn the appropriate way to react to the given situation.
  • Video-based scenarios show the “wrong way” and “right way” to perform tasks, increasing student engagement.
  • New design and audio narration offers different ways to navigate through the course so students are guided through interaction, not simple reading.

Corporate Compliance eLearning Library


Terms: You will have access to the Corporate Compliance eLearning Library for 180 days from the purchase/order date.