Competency Management in Long-Term Care: Skills for validation and assessment

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Competency Management in Long-Term Care

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Competency Management in Long-Term Care: Skills for validation and assessment

Kelly Smith Papa, RN, BSN

Assess, measure, and validate the competencies of your nurses with ONE resource.

The only way to know if your staff is performing their duties correctly is to evaluate employee competence. But what is the best method to do so? The HCPro resource Competency Management in Long-Term Care: Skills for Validation and Assessment is the perfect solution to your competency challenges.

This practical, easy-to-use manual and CD-ROM set provides the logic behind competency validation and offers guidance to instructors about how to test staff competencies effectively and efficiently.

This resource allows you to:

  • Train staff educators and managers on how to perform competency validation
  • Save time by combining competency assessments and performance reviews
  • Maintain consistency and keep up with new competencies
  • List potential categories for new competencies and identify best practices for implementing new competencies
  • Differentiate between orientation checklists and skills checklists

An entire section devoted to a complete list of competencies!

Staff educators and managers alike will be able to find the competencies they need fast. We even put all the competencies on the companion CD-ROM for quick, on-the-go access.

Packed with customizable checklists and forms!

With this resource you’ll have everything you need to develop and test your nurse’s skill sets. The easy-to-use tools included pinpoint which steps are critical in order to accurately evaluate the competency of your staff.

Here’s just a sample of some of the tools included:

  • Competency-based program policy
  • Successful Completion of Competency Assessment Training Form
  • New Competency Assessment Checklist
  • Skills Checklist Template
  • Competency-based Orientation Checklist
  • Nursing Assistant Orientation Checklist
  • Competencies Tracking Sheet

A wide range of competencies for a wide range of needs

This toolkit provides a wide range of long-term care nursing competencies including those that are tested at orientation and also throughout their time of employment. The validation of nursing competencies is the perfect way to assess whether or not a facility’s staff member can perform his or her duties. This book makes it easy.

A must-have for:

  • Administrators
  • DONs
  • Staff Educators
  • Nurse Managers
  • Clinical Managers

About the Authors:

Barbara A. Brunt, MA, MN, RN-BC, is Director of Nursing Education and Staff Development for Summa Health System in Akron, OH. She has held a variety of staff development position, including educator, coordinator, and director for the past 30 years. Brunt has presented on a variety of topics both locally and nationally, and has published numerous articles, chapters in books, and books. She served as a section editor for all three editions of the Core Curriculum for Staff Development published by the National Nursing Staff Development Organization (NNSDO) and coauthored a book Nursing Professional Development: Nursing Review and Resource Manual, published by the American Nurses Credentialing Center Institute for Credentialing Innovation. She was the author of Competencies for Staff Educators: Tools to Evaluate and Enhance Nursing Professional Development, published by HCPro, Inc.

Kelly Smith Papa, MSN, RN, is the Director of Education, Research, and Dementia Care Consulting at the Alzheimer's Resource Center in Plantsville, CT. She was a fellow in the 2007 Leadership AAHSA Academy. Her experiences in the field of aging services include being a director of nursing, clinical educator, nursing supervisor and adjunct faculty member at the University of Hartford. She is an officer for the Connecticut Coalition for Culture Change. Papa has presented at numerous seminars for healthcare professionals on topics including creativity in staff development, person centered care, culture change, dementia care specialist, enhancing dining, and leadership development. She has authored multiple books and articles focused on the use of creativity in staff development and caring for people with dementia.

Published: May 2009

Table of Contents

List of Competencies
List of Figures
About the Authors
About the Contributing Authors

Step 1: Gather Applicant Information
Step 2: Verify the Applicant’s Information
Step 3: Continually Verify the Employee’s License After the Hire Date

Chapter 1: Why is Competency Validation Required?
Regulating Competence
The Joint Commission
Competency and Litigation

Chapter 2: What is Competency Validation?
Competency-Based Education 
Defining Competencies
Classifying Competencies by Domains and Levels
Who Performs Competency Validation?
Mandatory Training Versus Competencies
Mapping Competencies for Orientation, Annual Assessments
Methods for Validating Competencies

Chapter 3: Competency Validation in Job Descriptions and Performance Evaluations
The Benefits
The Joint Commission’s Expectations
Key Elements of a Competency-Based Job Description

Chapter 4: Train the Staff to Perform Competency Validation
Developing a Competency Assessment Training Program
Identifying your Competency Assessors
Peer Review
Keeping your Validation System Consistent
Incorporating Population-Specific Competencies
Documentation and Recordkeeping

Chapter 5: Keep Up With New Competencies
Potential Categories for New Competencies
Interpersonal Communications
Guidelines for New Competency Development
Best Practices for the Implementation of New Competencies
Dimensions of Competencies

Chapter 6: Using your skills checklists
Differences Between Orientation Checklists and Skills Checklists
Skills Checklists for Annual Competency Assessment