Bloodborne Pathogens Training Video for Healthcare Support Services

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Bloodborne Pathogens Training Video for Healthcare Support Services

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Reduce risk and satisfy OSHA training requirements in one easy step.

In less than 20 minutes this video provides information and knowledge about bloodborne pathogens, emphasizing the need for universal precautions.

To effectively protect themselves, staff must assume that blood and other bodily fluids from ALL patients are potentially infectious.

Specifically addressing the needs of your non-licensed, non-certified healthcare employees, including housekeeping, laundry, and custodial personnel, this video teaches staff how to

  • identify bloodborne pathogens
  • recognize how bloodborne pathogens, including hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV are transmitted
  • use personal protective equipment and control measures to protect against exposure, including effective
    • hand hygiene practices
    • face and clothing protection
  • practice proper infection control methods to dispose of contaminated materials
  • respond and report needlestick injuries

BONUS: Also included is a post-test examination that can be kept on file to help document training!