Bloodborne Pathogens: Protecting Yourself and Others in Homecare

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Bloodborne Pathogens: Protecting Yourself and Others in Homecare

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Bloodborne Pathogens (DVD)

The increased incidence of bloodborne diseases in homecare is concerning. The best solution to decreasing the risk of exposure is to educate staff on how.  to prevent exposure, when to use prevention methods, and how to implement them properly and safely.

With the Bloodborne Pathogens: Protecting Yourself & Others in Homecare DVD, home health care providers get an effective, complete video training system for the entire staff, who can watch and learn how to manage the risks of bloodborne diseases with minimal instructor prep time. This system includes:

  • A workbook with outline
  • Descriptive definitions of key terms
  • A post-lesson quiz to ensure staff comprehension
  • A discussion with demonstration
  • Detailed guidelines and references
  • A participation certificate to verify training completion

(Spanish version includes both Spanish and English written materials.)