2020 MIPS Answers

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2020 MIPS Answers

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Available February 2020

2020 MIPS Answers

Available February 2020

This comprehensive guide will help individual providers to avoid MIPS penalties and secure bonuses. You’ll get scorecards for quality reporting measures, advancing care information measures, clinical practice improvement activities and cost to help you determine your easiest path to success. You’ll also get a clear understanding of the specific MIPS requirements you must meet with decision trees and step-by-step guidance.

Included in your manual are 4 sections set up to mirror the sections of MIPS:

1. Quality reporting

  • Scorecards (sample page) of the more than 250 measures that include:
  • Measure descriptor, including summaries of changes for revised descriptors
  • How the measure may be reported (claims, EHR, registry, Web interface)
  • How often the measure must be reported
  • Types of eligible patients
  • Additional guidance on the measure, such as place of service restrictions, telehealth restrictions, high priority status and core measure status
  • All eligible diagnosis codes
  • All eligible encounters/procedures
  • Measure codes
  • Benchmark (decile) scores for each measure
  • An appendix that provides information on specialty measure sets

Benefit: Without this book, providers would have to search seven files on three websites to find all of this information, wasting valuable time.

2. Advancing care information

  • Full explanations of all 15 measures (sample page) that includes:
  • Numerator and denominator descriptions and exceptions
  • Scoring calculations
  • Comparison with previous meaningful use measures
  • Q&As
  • Tips to achieve success on each measure

3. Improvement activities

Scorecards (sample page) of all 92 measures, plus 20 measures proposed in the 2020 Quality Payment Program proposed rule as well as updated descriptions in the eight categories that include:

  • Activity descriptions
  • Methods for validation
  • Suggested documentation to support the activities your practice performed


Full explanation of the cost piece of MIPS, which is scheduled to count for 30% of your MIPS score in 2020. Learn how to maximize your practice’s efficiency to increase your chances for MIPS bonuses.