2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey Report

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2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey Report

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2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey Report

Your window into the professional experiences of residency coordinators across the career ladder and compensation spectrum.

The modern coordinator’s influence spans more functions, facilities, and settings than ever before. Get unparalleled insight into the evolving profession with the 2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey Report. Featuring data from more than 700 respondents, this report contains professional statistics, expert commentary, and guidance for leveraging major findings.

Key elements include:

  • Significant statistics and detailed analysis organized into two major sections with 16 subsections. Trace trends in compensation, job duties, professional development, and tenure.
  • A closer look at the data that matters most. More than 30 graphs and other statistical representations explore professional experiences from a variety of angles. Use this information to examine salary ranges in relation to title, education, certification, and geographic location. Hear firsthand from other coordinator’s through expert commentary on the findings that are relevant to your own experiences.
  • Three years’ worth of comparative data. See 2015-2017 Salary Survey trends in compensation, certification, hours worked, and education levels. Salary range data even extends back as far as 2012.
  • Practical applications for key findings. Walk away with concrete strategies for advancing professional development and career goals, kick-starting conversations about compensation, and advocating for the residency coordinator profession.

The report’s contents are shaped into a number of sections, figures, and features that reflect the experiences of coordinators across a diverse and evolving profession and quickly connect readers with the focus areas that matter most to their career.
Use this report to:

  • See how your experiences stack up against other coordinators in similar professional circumstances.
  • Identify, refocus, or advance professional goals.
  • Make the case for additional resources or compensation.

The 2017 Residency Coordinator Salary Survey Report is a complimentary Residency Program Alert subscriber benefit.

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Published October 2018